Monday, January 11, 2016

Marmalade Boy UFO Catcher Plush Banpresto 1994

Wow, a really old set here! I have fond memories of watching Marmalade Boy with girlfriends when I was young, and I'm happy I seem to remember their names. Very interesting to see old plush from before 1998-ish when the materials were still simple. The set consists of Arimi, Yuu, Ginta, Meiko, and Miki as well as a robot plush of the voice recorder. I gave away the Robot as it was in poor shape, and unfortunately I didn't get a good picture before I sold it.

A full set shot here, you can see 2 of the 3 girls have hair made of string, something I don't see often at all. Also their noses are little triangles haha!

Miki, the main character. She's held up well! The material for the shoes is very soft, a material that doesn't seem similar to what Banpresto uses for shoes more around 2000 and after. She's in perfect condition but has a little rub on her shoe.

It doesn't seem like the fabric is peeling so much as it was rubbed by the previous owner perhaps.

Now here's Meiko!! Again she's in great condition but her shoes show more wear on them. Her eyes have yellowed a bit more than Miki's but aren't 'yellow' yet or super discolored. However! Her yarn hair was glued down to her head with fabric glue, but the glue aged and has released the yarn. (She has a tiny piece of fuzz by her eye, it's not a stain lol!)

As you can see, her hair sits on her head just fine, but it seems a lot like a wig! I could fix it with fabric glue, but usually I take a hands off approach with plushie aging.

Hmm, again it seems like the wear is due to rubbing and not peeling, there's no cracks or whatnot.

Arimi, probably in the best shape of the whole set, I can't find a thing wrong with her wear wise. Her hair is like a helmet though! 

However she's got a small factory glue spot in her hair ^_^;;

Ginta, looking pretty darn happy! Left eye has a little yellow color to it if you look realllly closely. A few little dings in his shoes.

Last but not least Yuu!! His shoes seem ok, but the poor boy has spots on his uniform.

I'm not sure if this kind of thing can be washed out or what. Maybe someone who conserves fabrics could give some pointers? Again I usually take a hands off approach...

Finally a shot of the paper tag.

As for pricing, I looked on ebay and the single pricing seems to be $35-40, a 5-doll set for $119 with stains all over Ginta's face, a Ginta for $75, and a full set for $250. Singles seem to easily sell for $30-40+. 

Yuu, Miki, Robot SOLD

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