Monday, February 27, 2012

3x3 Eyes UFO Catcher Plush Banpresto 1994

Just really quick, because I want to get something done before I go to bed, 3x3 Eyes plush, SEGA, 1994:


There is one more in the set, I think, but I don't have it. I think I got these plush in a lot with something else, because I don't know this series at all <_<;; No idea of a value, I can't find them on YAJ.

Update: Red Hair SOLD, Black Hair SOLD, Purple Monster SOLD

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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Dragon Ball DX Plush Parts 1 & 2

OK, Dragon Ball had this horrendous series of plush that was not really cute in any way (to me). They were similar to the Magic Knight Rayeath to me: they tried to capture the original look of the characters too much, and it took away from the cuteness factor significantly. Oddly enough, I looked at ebay and those plushies (that NOBODY wanted back in the day) are selling for $30+/ea. Wow.
BUT! Years later, in a kind of revival, they released these adorable DX plush to make up for it (and around a year later or less SEGA released a revival of Card Captor plush for some reason, with a totally different look to them than the previous Banpresto sets of years past. How about that?). So, just to clarify, these were released by Banpresto in 2004.
Official shot from the tag:
Can I also take this moment to say that I LOVE it when there's a picture of the whole set on the tag? A good reference for collectors.
Here's the actual shots:

Puar: Very big and fuzzy! LOL... (SOLD)

HOW CUTE IS THIS GOKU? To me, it's the perfect Goku plush. He's got his cloud, smiling happily. These plush are SO high quality, too. I love the fabric they chose for the cloud, the string holding goku's staff, the fact that the staff is made of 2 kinds of vinyl. It's hard to see in photos, but his hair is perfectly done as well. Just such a great plush.

That's it for set 1, since I sold Korin last year to my boyfriend's friend.

Set 2:

Master Roshi, Goku, Oolong.

LOL! How funny is Roshi!? And still great quality. He's blushing, and I must impress onto all plushie collectors to always take a peek behind the glasses/mask. Also, under his shirt, his shorts are hiked up pretty high. I love the small touches. His eyebrows are wonderful!

ANOTHER adorable goku! I don't know which one I love more. He's got a little blush on his cheeks, too. ^o^ Totally heartbroken at the thought of parting with these little gokus ;A; (SOLD)
Oolong, love the smirk! (SOLD)
These plushies have got the characters down so well. These will be going on ebay soon. I think? Those Gokus really are too cute!
Also, just a note, these are DX (Deluxe), so they've got the extra navy tag w gold stitching, and are 10"-12" tall.

E-Mail, Update and Encouragement

A lot of people have been asking for my email address. It's So if you want to buy anything, email me there ^_^ (for international I always ship on Mondays & Wednesdays).

I hate the hard parts! Where I'm rummaging through boxes and I spot a glimpse of a plush I know very well, and pull it out. Nostalgia grips me, and suddenly, the thought of selling it is amazingly depressing. I rearranged my plush today:
There is a pile on my desk that I'm sorting through and 4 totes on the floor that aren't pictured. It seems so daunting!! I feel very encouraged by my sales, and meeting the new people to whom the plush are going to. Hopefully my plushies have enjoyed their relocations and new homes! One of those people told me this blog was a good idea, so I could look at pictures and remember my plushie journey. It has helped.
Just a note, alllll the plush in the two stacks/towers on the right are from One Piece. Not quite sure who is going to want all those choppers. <_<;;
It also makes me feel pretty good updating There are a lot of plushies missing from the database, and most of the pictures of the plush and the info is severely lacking. I always dreamed of making a plushie database, and now I'm finally realizing that dream. I doubt I'll get a 'thank you' or anything (and not that I'd ask for one), but I do feel like I'm giving back. I hope to see more plushie lovers on there, ticking off what ones they own/wish for/ordered.
Keep on keepin' on!!


PS. This is the plushie in question that triggered the nostalgia trip:
Inuyasha Sesshoumaru Super DX Ichiban Kuji Raffle plush. I know he's in those totes, and I keep taking him out, thinking I should sell all my Inuyahsa plush (I own almost all that were released) but it becomes a chain of torture as I remember my faves that are stashed in the Inuyasha section: Kouga, Kikyou, DX Kagome, and the first set of Inuyasha pushies (which happens to be my first full set of plush).
Last time I saw this bad boy for sale, it was at a plush shop for $250+ at least 7 years ago. I can't imagine what he'd go for now (especially with the normal small version of him selling for $75+ without a tag even), and I try to put it out of my mind.
With Ichiban Kuji plushies, I've found many people don't even know they exist, since they were a limited prize that you needed a raffle ticket to get. I sold my raffle Kagome DX to someone that was desperate for her, who offered me $500. I really, in my right mind, could not pass up that offer (though I've gotten similar crazy offers for others that I have turned down in the past). What a plush is worth is different to each and every person. I imagine that money can almost not be an object when it's your most hunted for, collection-completing, holy grail plush. I've been there. I'm sure you have, too ^_^;;.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Shojo Kakumei Utena UFO Plush Sega 1997

Utena plushies! Ehehe, I can't say this is one of the prettier/cuter plush sets. That's SEGA for you (1997). Never got around to procuring this whole set, which also has Juri, Chuchu, and Anthy in it. I'm not sure why, as they were floating around every once in a while back in the day. I remember a lot of them being damaged in some way, or the prices got too high for my liking. I put Utena up on and she sold for $39 in 3 minutes. SHOCKING. I feel like the anime really was a cult favorite and will not be easily forgotten, especially with that unique character design.
My plushies stayed in good shape and I really loved the detail on Utena's outfit. I always enjoyed the ruffles. I am glad Utena is going to a big fan of her character and will have a good new home. We'll see where Touga ends up, I guess! He's going on ebay tomorrow, but he's on for sale a day early to give them a chance at him. Saw him for sale not too long ago for $60+, but I will sell him for a little less. Funny that he goes for more than Utena does... the power of fangirls?

UPDATE: Both are Sold! Utena for $39 and Touga for the same (gave them a deal ehehe).

Flame of Recca UFO Catcher Plush Prize Banpresto 1997

Total blast from the past. Flame of Recca plushies. I never managed to get the full set, these suckers were really hard to find!! I maybe only saw them for sale a few times, and then they were just GONE. Perhaps they didn't make that many of them, kind of like the Get Backers plush?

Kaoru, Mikagami, Fuuko. I distinctly remember being a Mikagami fan at the time I watched this series, and I do remember liking one of the ending songs. For some reason the Mikagami plush is smaller than the others (about 6.5", while the other two are 7.5"). Fuuko is pretty well done for a busty plushie! Mikagami's shoes cracked a bit but no peeling. It's to be expected with plush this old: Banpresto, 1997.
Nooo idea on pricing as I haven't seen them for sale in a decade, at least. I feel like the only people that would buy them is definitely a Flame of Recca fan, as there wasn't much FoR merchandise made, if I remember correctly.

UPDATE: SOLD Mikagami ($37) and Kaoru ($25)

Monday, February 13, 2012

Full Moon o Sagashite Plush - Ribon Comics , Bandai

These are plushies from Full Moon o Sagashite. The first one was an official product from the anime, and about 5-6" tall (main body). I sold the set on ebay for $200, I think? The second is zenin send-away prizes from Ribon Magazine. I had a subscription for a while, and would send away when I wanted the prizes. They actually would ship to the USA as long as you provided the postage, something Hana to Yume didn't do. They are about 3" tall in the bodies.
I actually like the keychains more. ^_^;; just listed them on ebay, makes me sad but what am I going to do with them, really?? I need to keep parting with stuff lest I get overwhelmed and become some crazy plushie anime figure artbook hoarder. >_<;;

(SOLD large set $200, SOLD small keychains $45/ea)

Magic Knight Rayearth UFO Plush

MKR Plush. My thoughts... they look a bit odd, ne? ^_^;; These were made in 2004 & 2006. I never did end up collecting them all. I think they tried to model them after CLAMP's SD looks, but I'm not sure it succeeded fully. Mokona and Clef are the big successes for this set, by far. This set was made by SEGA, and they kept using plastic for the eyes, and they tended to yellow over time. Surprisingly, some of these remained intact with no peeling or anything. I take very good care of my plush, I must think that that is one of the reasons these survived so well.

I put them on ebay starting at $75/$99BuyitNow, which I think is fair for them. They're not the most expensive plush, and I really do think it has to do with their looks. 6_6;;

UPDATE: This lot sold on ebay for $75. 

Naruto Kigurumi / Wearing UFO Plush 2006 Banpresto

So, just pricing some plushies, and I was rummaging through my boxes and came across these!

They were released in 2006, and each character is supposed to be dressed according to their names (like Shikamaru=deer, Itachi=weasel, etc).
Secret: under Kakashi's mask, there's whiskers, too!! ^o^

Here are some new pictures, though I can't find the Itachi ones I took before I sold all of them :-/ The fabric for their skin is kind of fuzzy, unlike all the other sets.

Naruto, the fox. He's actually really cute, the frog around his neck is pretty funny. I like his little tails in the back.

Kakashi! I get lots of questions about him, oddly enough. About his secret whiskers! I also think this is the first plush where he's got one of his eyes closed instead of open. His ear is actually glued to fold like that.

Sasuke as... what? A blue cat? I really am not sure about this one.

Shikamaru as a deer, of course.

Updating this post! All my Itachis are sold (for around $55-65/ea), Sasuke sells for around $45, Shikamaru around $25, Kakashi around $25-30. Not sure about Naruto, I only have one and I never listed him on Ebay.

Update 12/9/12: Naruto recently sold on ebay for $30.

Update: I only have 1 Kakashi and a few Shikamaru left. All Sasuke, Itachi and Naruto have gone to new homes, thank you!

Update: Kakashi is sold, 2 Shikamaru left