Thursday, May 17, 2012

Over 4,000 views, really!?

I'm not really concerned about pageviews or anything, since this is more of a journal for me to have in memory of all my plush and also as a springboard to sell off of, but I can't help but notice my total pageviews when I am looking at the main page of my blog account. It's over 4000.

How on earth did that happen? I'm guessing people are just connecting via google search, and it does make me very happy that I can contribute some information to the plushie world, since so much seems to be lacking from the internet. In some small way, I hope I'm making a difference in the plushie community. 

With that, I hope that everyone finds the information they need about these hard-to-find plush, and manage to fill in all the holes and gaps in their collection until it's everything they wanted it to be.

Parting picture of a small corner of my room, over a decade ago. 

Tsuki ni kawatte, oshioki yo!


Just a last note, I'd like to say thanks to everyone so far that's given any of my plush a new home. I looked at my spreadsheet, and I've sold around 75 plush already! Possibly a bit more, since I didn't count at the very very beginning. I have also realized, that after selling 75 plush I still have 20-30 totes of plush left!! EEEK! @_@ I've barely made a dent...

Monday, May 14, 2012

Ouran Host Club Plush

Ok, this is a point of contention. I bought this plush set a while ago from a reputable company in the USA that imports goods and sells many kinds of plush. Though, when I got them, it struck me as odd that they didn't have normal tush tags and the paper tags weren't like normal Banpresto plushies. Still, the materials were good enough. So, according to, these are not authentic plushies. But, they are the only Ouran plush ever made.

I've already sold all of them on ebay but I thought I'd post a shot of the set here simply for posterity. (For reference they sold for $30-34/ea, though Honey went for $25).

Gensou Maden Saiyuki Plush UFO Catcher Banpresto 2002

This set of Saiyuki plush came out in 2002 and was released by Banpresto, 5 in all. I understand some of these get pretty pricey, I've seen Sanzo get up there in the $80+ range.

Sanzo with his fan ^o^ (SOLD $65)

Hakkai, smiling as usual (SOLD $45)

Gojyo, cigarette included (SOLD $45)

Son Goku, happy... (SOLD $45)

Kougaiji (SOLD $45)

Full set (SOLD $250 Total w shipping)

This is when the plushies started getting a bit nicer, there are more materials used and this set has held up really well! It's immaculate. No peeling or glue issues whatsoever. I don't have too much to say about this set as I wasn't a huge Saiyuki fan, but I had a friend that was. I read a bit of it, but I suppose it just wasn't for me! Around that time, though, I was purchasing most of the plush sets that came out, so it's nothing unusual that I have this set ^_^;;.

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Ranma 1/2 Plush UFO Catcher Banpresto 1994

Pardon me, I need to have a 'back in my day/get off my lawn' moment.

Back in my day, when there were only 4 manga titles to choose from at the bookstore (at Media Play AHAHA), and they were called 'graphic novels' and sold for $15+/ea, Ranma 1/2 was one of the series that everyone knew. It was kind of an introductory manga/anime for those that didn't know what anime was. To this day, Takahashi is still a huge name, and Ranma 1/2 remains close to my heart.

Here are the only plush I ever got from Ranma, but I believe that there were a few more? I have at least seen an old Happosai one as well as a p-chan one (not the new USA or china or wherever p-chan, I mean the original, old one from this set). These were made by Banpresto in 2004 (average size 8").

Like the Slayers set, this one is old, and not that fancy. But I feel it will stand the test of time. Very simple, just like Takahashi's art.

Ranma (girl-type). Not too fancy, but that's Ranma, all right! I took a shot of her back so that you can see her pigtail ^o^. Back then the 'skin' material for the plushies was different, a material with tons of tiny loops, not a normal kind of felt, though most of the time that material was just for their faces. How odd!

Here is Akane. Her collar has yellowed and come a bit loose on the front, and I believe it's from the glue used to keep it there. Glue tends to change color over time to a yellow or a brown on these old plushies. Interesting that they put a little pink triangle for their noses in this set ^_^.

 Shampoo. Perfect, and actually really cute. I was getting a bit frustrated taking photos because none of them looked as cute as she is in real life. I love her hair, and the little bubble curl at the very bottom of it. Still mint after almost 2 decades, can you believe it? I really do think this set will stay pristine forever.

Also, interesting tidbit, I actually got these plush from Hitoshi Doi himself (he won them!). Long story, but it makes me happy that they came from such a legend. I suppose now it's time for someone else to have them, though. (SET SOLD, $55)

Monday, May 7, 2012

Gokinjo Monogatari Plush Banpresto 1996 & Happy Berry Plush Bandai 1995

Plushies I bet you didn't even know existed!! I am an Ai Yazawa fan (most partial to Paradise Kiss), and these are some plush from one of her early series, Gokinjo Monogatari (Neighborhood Story). This set was released by Banpresto in 1996, and is so friggin' hard to find! I have seen pictures of a few others in the set, but not many. These are the only three I've seen for sale, Tsutomu, Mariko, and Miwako:

Miwako! I just found her a few days after I posted this, in another tote/container. Shoe peeling, nothing out of the ordinary, and otherwise in great shape! Gotta love those lips ^o^

They're pretty tall, at 9". The tag eludes to the rest of the set:

If anyone has got the others of this set, please send me pictures, I'd love to see them!! I don't know if they ever show up on YAJ, but my collecting days are over so I wouldn't start looking now, personally.

Knew those ones existed? Hm. Well maybe I can still stump you! How about this one!?:

Did I surprise you? XD I ran into this plush one time and nabbed it right away, and haven't seen it since. It's Happy Berry-chan!  On her tag it says "Happy Angel." This isn't from the above set, but was made by Bandai in 2005. She was (I'm guessing due to the different manufacturer, who the manufacturer is, the bar code, and the silver Toei sticker) for sale in stores. Somehow I find the rarest plush are the ones sold in stores, which makes no sense to me. Maybe someone can enlighten me. Is it because you actually have to pay for them instead of winning them?
Anyhow, Berry-chan is just over 10" tall, and her legs kind of bend where they meet the torso so she can sit. She's got wires in her hair so you can manipulate it just right to get her signature look. She's made out of a thinner and different fabric than normal plush.
I think she's just great. I really love having relics from a series that doesn't have to do with a character, but a brand or something specific that is used in the series. Like, a duelist ring from Utena, or a headband from Naruto (ok, that just sounds like cosplay items), or a keychain from Bakuman that is on the keys that Mashiro uses to get into his uncle's studio. Nods to a series that are actual items. I just think they're really fun to have. Not sure if I'll sell Berry-chan or keep her. I'm sure she'll stand the test of time, and I love how she's present in so many Yazawa series.

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Cardcaptor Sakura Battle Costume 2 Plush Set

The third and last plush set for Cardcaptor Sakura made by Banpresto in 1999. This time, a set of 3 and slightly larger than the previous 2 sets with a height of 8-8.5" each.

Jester Version? My memory is really failing me with this set, I apologize in advance for not remembering each costume. This set is so cute! Banpresto's decal on the card is of a thicker and better quality than before, and the range of materials is great! I love the green shiny fabric, the back of the hat, the cut of the hem, and of course how Sakura's two little bang pieces curl up and back just right.

Melody/Music Version? Ah, Banpresto. You do learn from your mistakes. The decal for the wand is much better than the first set in 1998, and between it is a thicker, hard material, like a plastic. The material for her white skirt is thick and holds shape.

Gold Version? HOW CUTE IS THIS ONE!? The cutest Banpresto one from all the sets, in my humble opinion. Everything is just great. Her little bangs stick up, the material is perfect, even her shoes have this great pearlescent color.  I adore the stitching on the back where the two coattails meet. It's sewn to stick out a bit and fold over her pants pouf. This pattern was really well conceived, she's just wonderful! The only drawback I can see is that her crown isn't made of a more solid material, so it doesn't stand up straight... but she's so cute, I forgive her!


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Cardcaptor Sakura Battle Costume Plush Set

This is the second Cardcaptor Sakura plush set released, by Banpresto in 1999. Another set of 4, but this time featuring only Sakura in a series of Battle Costumes.  Average size, 7"-ish.

"Cat Version". This set I didn't get upon release (the only CCS set I got that way was the SEGA one) so I had to make due with what I could find that was still in decent condition. Try as I might, I could not, for the life of me, find this one with the wand decal still intact. Not even with the tag. Luckily, once I got her in my hands, she hasn't been victim to any more neglect.
She's got a really cute fuzzy black material for her arms and torso (and headband), and even a cat tail in the same material. It's nice to see the change in material in this plush, I think it really adds to it. You can't see it in this photo, but she's got lace under her skirt ^o^

"Bat Version." Again, this one suffers from material choices. Though, it's only effected her gloves. I like how they didn't sew her short bottoms to her legs, it's not a nice flare.

"Jump Version." At least, I think this costume was from the Jump card? It's been so long!! It's hard to lay her fat because the bottom hoop of her skirt is pretty stiff, as it's meant to be.

"Classic Version." This outfit appeared in the SEGA set as well, and I think it's just Sakura's iconic costume look. Very cute here as well and we get to see a change in expression on her face as a wink! I had two of her, sold one for $23 with a damaged tag, and now this one remains.


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Cardcaptor Sakura Plush UFO Catcher Set Banpresto 2008

The first Cardcaptor set, brought to you by Banpresto in 2008. Set of 4, consisting of Shaoran (Syaoran), Sakura (school uniform), Tomoyo, and Kero. They are 5 1/2-7" tall.

Start with Sakura, shall we?

Unpacking these, I noticed that Sakura's shoes had some finish peel off, which is a shame, but it's bound to happen when plush get this old. Luckily it's only on the detail tabs, not on the actual shoe. Sometimes once a small bit peels, the rest will follow. When I saw these last in my collecting days many years ago, a lot of the plush had already lost the decal on her wand, which is very sad. I took pains to wrap mine in stiff paper before packing, but I can see that the decal is lifting off ever so slightly. I'm thankful that it's manageable, especially if she is given to a proper owner after me. The decal will stay intact, if that next person cares as much as I did.

I do think that with these early plush they were starting to use materials that they weren't considering the future of. We got all these cool decals, but if not taken care of, they will not last. Nowadays I would expect Sakura's wand to be made of plastic, or for there to be a sturdy piece inbetween the decal.

Tomoyo looking very cute and still in great shape. The glue around her shoes is browning, but that's normal as well.

Kero, with a rope tail this time as opposed to the SEGA one that is plush and fuzzy. Yet, this one is still charming!

Shaoran, love this little guy! I will forever be sad that he only got one plush in all 4 sets that were released. I always thought he was a cute character, and he, too, had alternate outfits to choose from. The other 2 sets from Banpresto were occupied only by Sakura in different outfits, so I thought they should have at least given Shaoran a go in green.

Not sure of the prices on these guys, but I assume Shaoran and Tomoyo are going to be the more expensive ones since there weren't many plush made of those characters, yet they were popular.


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Cardcaptor Sakura Sega Plush Set 2005

There were a few Cardcaptor Sakura sets made, namely 4. Banpresto made 3 of them (in 1999), and I will post them soon.
Then, out of the blue, SEGA released a set of 4 in a completely different, but extremely adorable, style om 2005. This set consists of Sakura & Tomoyo in school uniforms, Sakura in a battle costume (classic one), and Kero. Very pudgy and cute, 6-7" tall. In my experience in selling plush recently, I've come to think that this is the set that people really want, as I've been getting requests and though I had almost 3 sets, I am down to only one now simply because I held onto it a bit longer. Each has sold for $39 easily, so I'm not sure if the average going price is above that or not?
Anyway, let's see these cuties!!

Sakura, looking super-cute!! Eyes are stitched, and the hair is really well done and suits the style.

Tomoyo, looking darling. I think it's a toss up for who is cutest in this set; Tomoyo or Battle Costume Sakura.

This one really deserves more detail. Her hat is adorable and the lace and detail on her sleeves and under her skirt is perfect. She's really silky looking, and even has bows on her hands.

I especially adore the sprayed-on blush for the cheeks. How cute a finishing touch is that??

Now, seeing the ladies one might think Kero isn't that special but he's still a really good rendition of him and also deserves to be adored ^o^

I really, really love stitched eyes. <3 Their eyebrows are stitched as well, but you can't see them accurately behind their hair. But they're there!

If you want to inquire before I post them on ebay, you can find me at the link below, as always.


(SET SOLD  $39/ea)

Fake Inuyasha Sesshoumaru Rivals VS Authentic

A person emailed me recently asking for me to verify some plush that they had, and I just wanted to share:

Here is an image of the fake that was sent to me:

And my two authentic ones (to show that they can be different but the same:

And the differences that I see:

Please, educate yourself! Don't fall for fakes. It's your money, make sure you spend it in the right places on the right, authentic merchandise!