Monday, March 4, 2013

One Piece DX Plush Luffy & Chopper Fishing Banpresto 2004

The beginning of the One Piece plush. And there are a LOT. These are from a time where Banpresto was releasing a lot of Luffy and Chopper DX (Deluxe) plush together as sets of 2. This set is called something like, "Chopper catches, Luffy eats!." Plush are around 1' tall and are pretty big.

I'm mostly listing all these One Piece plush for posterity because they will be simultaneously listed on ebay. I'm on a plushie listing/selling rampage currently.

Chopper: Chopper DX Fishing
Luffy: Luffy DX Fishing

Listing for $22 each since One Piece plush seem to be selling for regular to high prices. Super DX Choppers are currently hitting the $30-35 range, DX are in the $20-30 range, and all others seem to be anywhere from $10-50 for normal sized.