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Inuyasha Rivals series UFO Catcher Plush Banpresto 2002

This set has to be one of the most sought after Inuyasha plush sets, and always has been. Finally there is a mainstream set that isn't only Inuyasha-Kagome-Shippo-Miroku-Sango. I believe this was also the last main set that wasn't an Ichiban Kuji/Raffle set that was released. If I remember correctly the sets went Series 1, Series 2, Festival, Rivals for the normal sized plush. My memory is fuzzy as to when the DX plush were released inbetween it all.

This set consists of Inuyasha, Kagome, Kikyou, Sesshoumaru, and Kouga. Start with Inuyasha, as usual...

This Inuyasha isn't bad, but I still like the original from Series 1 best of all. What makes this Inuyasha fun is that he comes with Myoga the flea! Right on his shoulder. Certainly a wonderful touch and a great addition to this already diverse plush set.

This greatly reminds me of when he's smooshed flat and is very thin, he needs some blood!! SOLD

Next is Kagome, and for the life of me I can't figure out why this Kagome in particular seems to sell for more than the others. She has a backpack, yes, but honestly her proportions aren't nearly as good at the DX or Series 1 plush. I'm wondering if people just like to have her for competionist's sake for the Rivals set? From what I've seen it does appear to be a boast-worthy set to own, either being hard to obtain, expensive, sought after or all of the above.

She does come with her backpack, though, for what it's worth. It's a covered material like a vinyl plastic, which I think was a bad choice (cracking and peeling over time) as well as I think they could have made it with better construction instead of just pieces glued on. SOLD

Kikyou. Goodness it was hard to sell her. It's not that I love Kikyou's character all that much, but this plush I always felt was brilliantly made. From the seams in her pants to her miku top, to her little shikon no tama. UGH she's so great. SOLD


Also even her front hair pieces coming into the back pony tail, even the bow, all so well done.

Kouga is also fantastic!! so many little details, I love his fur and his face! Banpresto just nailed him. I wish his armor wasn't wrinkled but it may have been just mine.

Even his little tail in the back! His pony tail is stuffed and not flat. Also note his hands are balled up a bit into fists.

Closeup of some details, and little black underwear!! XD SOLD

And, saving the best for last (I'm biased), is Sesshoumaru. I was so over the moon when I originally got this plushie, that one of my favorite characters was treated so well with such great detail. His kimono is great, his armor was well done and his bow/sash is perfect. His big fluffy 'tail' is a good size, his face is lovely. One thing I really appreciate about Banpresto is they didn't go the route of the plastic decal eyes very often. It was usually an iron on fabric, or stitched. This adds longevity and a nice matteness to the face, and I've always associated it with quality. His hands are also balled into fists.

The back of his armor and sash. I actually owned 2 Sesshoumaru... I sold one, and the other I had cut the tag off the minute I got it, as a promise to myself that "This one I keep." So he's been on my desk for some time, unprotected and I haven't really tried to preserve him. Now I note he is peeling in a few spots, yellowed, and has some splotches on his clothes. Time is a cruel mistress. I hope the person who now has my pristine one is taking good care of him!! Not really fun to keep them preserved in special boxes but it certainly does keep them in good shape I must say. SOLD

This set sold for $450 (including Naraku from the raffle set). Kouga and Kikyou I've found have prices that range from $75 up to $120+ depending on the quality and the auction. Kagome and Inuyasha around $40-50 each, and Sesshoumaru ranging from $60-100+ depending on his quality/shape and auction. There ARE (very good) fake Sesshoumaru's out there, and I think that helped lower his price, as well as a USA release of a plush of him (that looks awful in my opinion). I last checked these prices when I sold them, over a year ago. For those looking for this set, BEWARE of the fake Sesshoumaru (I have an older blog post pointing out differences), and definitely look out for any peeling or cracking on the materials!

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