Monday, February 6, 2017

Moved cross-country! Please read for updates~

My husband took a job across the country, and we have just settled. Since we moved so far we weren't able to bring everything with us, unfortunately. I sold a small chunk of items as fast as I could on ebay, and I left at least 100 plush with a good friend of mine at home to sell off for me (Dragon Ball DX, some Naruto, One Piece). I haven't checked every plush to see if they are ok but I'm going to start working through them. The ones I looked at do seem fine.

I am trying to update my list to the best of my ability so I ask for patience if you inquire while I seek out the item. I received some emails before I left while I was packing and am trying to respond to them but my inbox is a bit jumbled, so if I don't reply to you in the next few days please email me again. Packing was quite an undertaking, as was waiting for our shipping units to arrive, unloading and unpacking. Phew!

We were only able to secure a small place to live so I am going to start trying to clear things out in the next 6 months (so cramped!), so if there's something you're eyeing please inquire now or it will likely end up on ebay some time in the near future. I made this blog for two reasons: to find new homes for my items and to have some kind of reference for plushie lovers since information on them seems jumbled and incomplete. So, once my items have found new homes I hope this blog still serves as a helping hand for those collecting.

Thank you so much for your patience!