Wednesday, March 7, 2012

GetBackers UFO Catcher Plush Konami

Due to someone requesting a few plush from this set, I dug them out sooner than later. Pretty rare little set, made by Konami. Not sure of the year. Set of 7, range from 6.5"-8" in height. Almost forgot their names, but here goes!:

Midou Ban plush. I think the only plush I have with a cigarette! He's actually pretty cute, and they did his hair well. I think Ban runs about $100+. (SOLD $95)

Ginji Amano plush. Really cute, I love the laces, the texture on his shoes, and the mesh in his shirt. You may not be able to see it in the pictures, but each of these plushies is blushing as well ^o^ He runs about $50-65. (SOLD on blog, $50)

Kuroudo Akabane plush. So cute!! I really like his hat, and how it's attached to his head. He's the rare of the set, when I saw him for sale years ago, he was $100-200. (SOLD on blog, $100)

Hevn plush. The only plush I have (I think) that has high heels. I think the Sailor Mars DX plush had some semblance of them as well. But that's all I remember. $45-50. SOLD

Himiko Kudou "Lady Poison" plush. Ehehe not much to say about her, I just always felt that she doesn't look much like a girl! I think she runs about $35. (SOLD EBAY $35)

Kazuki Fuuchouin Plush. I like his pony tail in the back, and just his hair in general XD. I think he runs about $50. (SOLD EBAY $45)

Shido Fuyuki plush. I like his fringe and laces ^_^. From what I gather he runs about $40.

And a last shot of the set:
I remember really liking this anime for the most part, and the character designs were really nice. I originally got these guys on ebay if I remember right, a few months after release. I don't remember them being cheap, but I don't recall them being overly expensive, either. ^_^;;

update: Ban, Kuroudo, Ginji, Kazuki, Himiko, Hevn SOLD 
I am not sure if I have Shido anymore, I usually keep things very up to date but when I went to dig up Hevn I didn't see Shido anywhere so perhaps I forgot to mark him off as sold (usually I  mark things off immediately). I will scour a bit more to look for him and update this page.