Monday, January 4, 2016

Inuyasha Series 2 UFO Plush Banpresto 2002

What a crime, I haven't made entries for all the Inuyasha plush sets. Time to rectify that! My Inuyasha sets became scattered to the wind rather quickly and only partial sets remained. Because of this, I don't have pictures of the full sets together, but I DO have a picture of all the plush together before they were sold in one glorious, massive hoard. HOWEVER... DX Raffle/Ichiban Kuji Kagome is not here as she was sold long, LONNNGGGG ago. Also Jaken and Kirara are USA releases.

Sigh. I miss you first series set.

This is the second Inuyasha main set to be released, and came out in 2002 by Banpresto. The set consists of Inuyasha, Kagome, Miroku, Shippo, and Sango in casual clothes. The only Sango I know of that was released in her fighting outfit was from an Ichiban Kuji set I never managed to get my hands on, very very rare. It was a small plush that had dangly legs and could sit (also in the set were the other members of team Inuyasha, and I believe there were also little plush baggies released with a plush head of each character on top <which I secretly found very creepy>).

On to the set!

Inuyasha. Not sure what he's doing here, but he looks just fine doing it! Please note that it seems to be a common problem with Inuyasha plush that the claw decals on his necklace fall off. There's a few layers going on there, and the top one doesn't seem to like to stay. SOLD

I'll admit it, not my favorite Kagome (I much liked the DX series one with the bow). Kind of seems to me like she and Inuyasha could be put together for a high-five, which would both be uncharacteristic and not in cannon. She's still cute, though! SOLD

Shippo... I'm never sure how to photograph him, his tail is so huge! Lots of more dynamic or 3-dimensional plushies are hard to photograph in my opinion. This Shippo is sitting and if I remember correctly his pants are a soft velvety material. SOLD

Miroku, again, I prefer the Miroku from the first set but this one is nice with his staff. Something to mention is that there are USA plushie companies that seem to straight up rip off Banpresto plush. I recall a Miroku that looks very similarly to this released stateside. The bad part is that even though the Banpresto ones are just prize items and not sold for money (you have to win them in crane games, which could cost 100Y or 300Y depending on the game, and then how many tries you took to win them), the USA ones are and their quality is lower and the materials don't look as nice. So to me, it always feels like a bad knockoff (just my personal opinion, mind you!). SOLD

Sango looking mighty cute! Again photographing her is a tad awkward due to her looking to the side. She's in her traveling outfit which is very well done with colored clothes and layers underneath. I had to add a picture of her back to show the cute bow in her hair.

Tush tag picture for those interested!

From this set I only have Sango left... and when I look in the last Inuyasha storage box I have, it strikes me I have mostly Sango's and Miroku's. What's with that? I love those two. I sold plushies from this set for $18-20 but I see prices on ebay range.

Inuyasha, Kagome, Shippo, Miroku SOLD

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  1. That's because you sold to me most of your IY plushes but I already had Sango and Miroku from previous sets! Kind regards Jess! :)

  2. What size would you call that big inuyaha at the top