Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Tsubasa Chronicle CLAMP UFO Catcher Plush Sega 2006

Another CLAMP set, this time from Tsubasa. The interesting thing about this set for me is the way they sewed the faces, kind of different than most of the other CLAMP plush I've seen. SEGA did do a Card Captor set as well as the X/1999 set, and all have been different in style and proportion as well as materials. This set consists of Fai, Sakura, Syaoran, and Kurogane.

We'll start with Syaoran...


He's actually pretty cute! The material is more of a fuzzy one instead of the more feltlike material that most plush are made of. He's got his goggles and gloves on, though the materials are starting to crack.

Sakura looks rather cute as well, no complaints there, really. I do enjoy the way SEGA did their (CCS) revival kind of set, with the very chibi cute faces, part of me wishes this resembled those.

Kurogane I think is the star of the set, lots of nice details and his cowl from his cape is sewed to his chin, and actually has something in it to stiffen it so it keeps its shape. It's also attached at the nape of his neck and his elbows. Rather smart! Nice details with the stitching on his shirt, boots, and cape. He doesn't seem to be peeling yet, holding up well!!

Fai, the last in the set. He looks good enough, I wish they had made him look less... poofy? As in, they didn't stitch his elbows or anything, just folded his arm. 

I don't seem to see these plushies going for a lot of money, like $10-15, normal plushie release/starting price. I think that may have to do with the fact that there was a USA release of a different design of these characters. While supplies last, for Tsubasa plushie purchases, I will include a Tsubasa post card (that, if I remember correctly, came in the limited hardcover editions of the Tsubasa manga). 

Make sure you specify which card you want!!

Fai is SOLD 

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