Sunday, March 15, 2015

Inuyasha Series 1 UFO Catcher Plush 2001

This was my first plush set!! Set consists of Inuyasha, Kagome, Shippo and Miroku.

This is one of my favorite plushies. Ever. Maybe because it's one of my first, but to me, he's perfect. The details are fantastic from his little black string to his bow and his necklace, plus his kimono shoulder cutouts. I sold this set a little while ago, and I wrestled a lot over keeping just Inuyasha. However, if I'm not strong enough to give them up then I'll just end up keeping everything. I also tend to be more likely to give up plushies I care for if someone wants to take the whole set, and keep the 'family' together. I meet so many great, avid collectors through this blog and their excitement to own my plush makes me so happy. I know he is appreciated in his new home, but darn I miss him.

I have to say, if I found him tomorrow, I would buy him again. Just him. There are only about 4-5 plushies I am determined to keep, and he was on that list and I gave him up.

It's safe to say I adore this whole set. Kagome, to me, is probably the least favorite of the set but still a great representation of her and keeping in style with the rest of the set and Takahashi's style.

Shippo. SO ADORABLE!! His bow is a velvety fuzzy type of material. His string across his waist holds his vest in place, and his top looks wonderful. He is bright and energetic looking. You can't see it from the picture but his tail is HUGE and fluffy, his hair bow puffy and full.

Miroku, with a great pose, taking off his seal beads. I like this one SO MUCH MORE than the one with his staff (from series 2). Very cool design they chose for him. This whole set is just awesome.

This whole set has sold and is not available.

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Inuyasha DX UFO Catcher Plush Banpresto 2002

And so begins the onslaught of Inuyasha plush. This is a DX "Deluxe" 12" set that came out in 2002. The set has Inuyasha, Kagome, and Shippo in it. I sold a lot of my Inuyasha plush so I don't have a group shot of these guys.

Inuyasha looking pretty cute here! Unfortunately his sword is peeling a lot in different places. I've seen this with a lot of Inuyasha swords, and also I see his 'fangs' on his necklace peeling/separating from the center layer as well. That hasn't happened on this plushie though! Just the sword :-/ SOLD

Here you can see his fancy tush tags and nice stitched fingers.

Kagome looking wonderful with her bow and her smile. I LOVE her fingers around that bow! It looks like she's really gripping it, doesn't it? (SOLD)

Back shot of her arrows and skirt.

Shippo, looking very good in his outfit with vest, bow and top.

Again, that fancy DX tush tag!! I love how his tail is a total fuzzball. Also for Shippo they stuffed his bows to some degree so they have a nice look to them.

I'll close things up with a picture of the DX paper tag.

I've sold 1 Shippo (I had 2 for some reason), and Kagome already. Kagome sold for $45, Shippo for $35. I'm not sure if those prices are accurate, but that's what I sold them for I guess!!

Inuyasha, Shippo, Kagome SOLD

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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Hikaru no Go UFO Catcher Plush Banpresto 2002

Hey, this is my 50th post (according to my website stats)! Yup. Anyway...

This is a plush set that was released by Banpresto in 2002 from the series Hikaru no Go. The set consists of 5 characters: Sai, Hikaru, Akira, Isumi, and Waya. This series holds a special place in my heart, I remember picking up the manga in Asahiya in NYC between One Piece and a new series called Naruto and wondering how exciting a series about Go could be. Naturally, I loved it, and Obata's art blew me away (I actually got to meet him recently and got 2 autographs)!!

On to the plushies.

Starting with Sai!

Beware, there are DX knock-off plush of Sai, so be careful! This one is only 8" tall. Sai is a wonderful and lovable character and I'm glad this plush captured his energy. He's got a spot on his sleeve he always had since I got him (urgh) and a few pricing stickers on his tag.

Hikaru, the namesake of the series. He's got his telltale sneakers on and a go piece in his fingers. His sneaker fabric looks OK but has a small dot that is worn.

He's even got a hoodie on!! Very cute detail.

Akira, Hikaru's rival (and one of my favorite characters ^o^). His hair is a green-gray color and he's got his hand in a fist behind his back (what a poised young man!).

Unfortunately he's got some shoe peeling :-(

Isumi, a member of the Go team. His shoe coating is looking dappled, and the shoes are stuck together :-(

Starting to get annoyed at the peeling as of late. I guess it becomes inevitable in a way over time. 

Waya... In all honesty, I forgot his name and had to whip out a manga. I found it flabbergasting that I remembered all the names from Fushigi Yuugi, and Fruits Basket (which I never even ended up finishing) but for some reason I couldn't remember Waya, a character from one of my favorite mangas that I have read at least 3 times. I'm sorry, Waya. On the bright side, his shoes look fine!

For pricing I don't know, I don't see them on ebay but I'll have to check back. I know Sai was the big seller from this set at least in the $40 range, and the others in the $15-25 range but I'm just guessing at prices from over a decade ago. So basically pricing is a big question mark.

UPDATE: Akira sold for $25, Waya sold for $15

Oh My Goddess / Ah! Megami-sama UFO Catcher Plush Banpresto 2000

For some reason Oh My Goddess doesn't seem to get much merchandise that is 'standard' other than resin and now more very complex PVC, but these plushies are a cute and welcome edition. A set of 3 consisting of Belldandy, Urd, and Skuld made by Banpresto in 2000.

Look at all those fabrics!

Belldandy has wires in her top strands of hair so you can decide how to curl them, she's got shiny decals on her face and clothes, a beautiful cape and headband, too.

The pleating on her cape is nice and the headband material too!

Her pony tail in the back is a single sheet but it's cut in a way that makes it curl into a more complete shape. Woah!

And look how her front bangs curl just right and wrap around her hair strands that come down! How did they DO that? The hair just curls around so naturally. Her hair just amazes me.

Urd looks great, too and even has a bustline! Again, a wire in her hair and her hair curls, do you see that?

Those curls are just so cool to me... I haven't seen that on any other plush that I can remember.

All the materials are nice but the fabric stiffened and separated on her cape :-(

Skuld with long legs!! Her hair is nice with a slight wave.

Her skirt's color has darkened and stiffened just like Urd's cape. I see this with dual-layers that were glued together for capes and such.

I did have two of these sets, and now I just have this one. I remember being surprised at how quickly the set sold on ebay and how many inquiries (and offers) I got about them after they sold. I definitely underpriced them at $45/set, should have been more like $75-80 based on the offers I received.
Both sets are now SOLD for $60. Could have sold for more, but meh lol!

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Fruits Basket Plush Hana to Yume Yuki and Kyo Animal Versions 2002

This is a plush set of Yuki and Kyo in their animal versions released by the actual magazine that the manga ran in, Hana to Yume. I don't remember how I came upon owning these, but here they are.

Many times things like these were send-away items where you had to get tickets out of one or more issues of the magazine, and send in the tickets/coupons with money for the postage and/or item itself. These in particular I did not acquire myself this way, I'm not sure Hana to Yume allowed other countries to participate outside of Japan like Ribon Magazine did.

For pricing, I've seen Kyo go for $30-45, I'm not sure about Yuki.

Edit: Kyo SOLD, Yuki SOLD

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Fruits Basket UFO Catcher Plush Banpresto 2001

This is a plush set released by Banpresto in 2001. I remember this set got REALLY expensive for a while, then seemed to lower in price when an American company made their own version. However, I do feel the Japanese version is better. Plus the 'American' edition of plushies tended to be a direct ripoff of the Japanese ones with lower quality and worse fabrics.

I think perhaps I will start leading with the full set picture, since that's what seems to show up as the preview image on the blog page. Full disclosure, I'm terrible at webpage-blog-organization-html stuff (grew up a decade too late to be on top of that) so please excuse this blog setup. Thank goodness blogger makes it so easy.

Anyway... The set consists of Yuki, Tohru, Kyo, Shigure, and Kaguya. Let's take a closer look at them.

Yuki looking very cute and charming. However, something with this set has made the feet peel on most of them. It's a similar material to many of my other plushies, and I store them all the same way, so I'm a bit puzzled as to why some sets peel and others don't. I do believe I got these secondhand (except for Kyo) instead of as a set when released, and I find those tend to peel more often than others that I've owned since they were first available. It's unfortunate :-(

I always thought this Tohru plush was exceptionally cute. I liked how her hair in the back conformed to her head shape and then fanned out on the bottom, very nicely done. I also got one with a good face shape. Shame her shoes are peeling too...

Kyo looks cute and grumpy and has managed to avoid any peeling. Now I really am thinking that it was previous owners. He has some residue and a bit of price tag on the back of his tag from when I attempted to remove it.

Shigure has simple materials so he's not in any danger of peeling, lucky fellow.

Kagura looking completely adorable. Her shoes are cracking but not peeling yet. I always appreciated the detail on her... her hair in the back I think is very well done, and the cat backpack is perfect!!

For pricing, I only remember the old high prices, and I don't imagine they fetch that anymore. When I search ebay I see a lot of the USA lesser-quality edition so I can't be sure. Looking quickly now I don't see ANY of the Japanese version, actually. If anyone has any info on pricing please let me know!!

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Fullmetal Alchemist (Hagane no Renkinjutsushi) Gekijouban DX UFO Catcher Plush Banpresto 2005

There were a few sets made for Fullmetal Alchemist, this set was a DX one made for the (first) movie, before the Brotherhood series came out I believe. The set consists of Roy and Ed, and are average DX side except for the fact that they are made to sit, not stand. So, I suppose they are technically shorter than most DX.

For some reason Ed looks larger, but I chalk it up to his hair just being more massive??

Ed looks great with his stitched eyes (always a favorite method of mine) with lots of details in his clothes. It's nice to see layers on a plushie, so I like the jacket on both him and Roy.

Ed's left arm is a different 'color' to signify the automail, but I kind of like Ichiban Kuji plush's approach more with a coated 'metal' fabric with details printed on.

Roy looks charming as ever and also has some great details! With plushies like this I always wonder what's under the eye patch, don't you? Let's take a peek!

Aha! There is something there. What is interesting, too, is that his eye patch actually has a finished hole for the ear to go through and is stitched to his head behind his ear. So, you can take his ear out, kinda neat.

I enjoy the detail on his hand and that his jacket is resting on his shoulders, but they still made the jacket have open arm holes.

Even underneath his jacket, though attached, you can see he's got the layer of his jacket, then his military coat which floats on top of his body. Very nicely done!

The paper tag is a fold-out kind and taped, but I can see the picture of the plushies on the inside.

Altogether a nice set, with the attention to detail that you see in later years of plushie production. I don't think these sell for much, just the average price of $20/ea.

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