Monday, January 4, 2016

Inuyasha UFO Plush Festival Series Banpresto 2002

This is a plush set from Inuyasha released by Banpresto in 2002 of the Inuyasha crew in summer festival style. In summer in Japan there are festivals where one may dress up in a yukata or what have you and go have some seasonal merriment. I would have liked it if the guys were dressed for a festival instead of just the girls, but it's still a fun reason to have the girls looking cute. Totally not in cannon, I don't think (I've only read the manga), but nice nonetheless. I don't have a picture of the full set together, for that please see the Inuyasha Series 2 plush entry I made with a picture of all Inuyasha sets together.

Inuyasha is looking good! I like his pose, very cute, hand on his leg and sitting with his legs folded in a way. The fan says 'dog' on it, very appropriate. Again nice quality and no peeling or missing parts. I love that his little ears are sticking up, sometimes Banpresto makes the bangs too big and it covers the ears, but not so here! SOLD

Kagome in her yukata kimono with a little shopping bag! Adorable with her hair in pins and light colors with pink. SOLD

You're thinking it, and I'm going to say it... Shippo's cotton candy is SO CUTE and SUCH A NICE TOUCH!! Ah I just love it!! Nice expression too, just a simple sweet smile. Again his pants are a soft velvety material. SOLD

Miroku is in fine form, and I think his fan says 'wind.' Appropriate for his massive wind scar! I forgot to take a picture of it, but he's also got his little bead bracelet on. A very nice Miroku!

Sango, probably one of my favorites in this set. The colors are just great that they picked for her yukata and the hand holding the pinwheel is very nice. Her eyeshadow is an especially nice touch, and in all I like the feeling from this plushie the best.

Seem to be listed for $25-35/ea on ebay but the ones I sold I sold for $20-22.

Kagome, Inuyasha, Shippo SOLD

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