Tuesday, January 5, 2016

XXXHolic / Tsubasa Reservoir Mokona Modoki plush set 2003 CLAMP / Kodansha / STOC

This is not a UFO Catcher plush set that you would win from prize machines in Japan, but instead one that you had to purchase (much like the Full Moon wo Sagashite Takuto & Meroko or Azumanga Toyworks cats). I don't have much information about if only specific shops sold them or what have you, only the information I can see on the tags. Since these were made in 2003, they predate the animes, so it must have been released with permission from Kodansha or be an actual Kodansha item, in a way.

These originally came in this bag with the paper piece stapled to the top, there is a bar code at the bottom.

They actually have little beanie bottoms so they sit up well and seem to be high quality. The gems on their heads are very nice and the material is sooo soft!

Nice details for such simple character designs!

For what it's worth, I think these are nice and probably on the rarer side. I just saw a set sell on ebay for $80, so pricing is probably in that area.

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