Sunday, February 26, 2012

E-Mail, Update and Encouragement

A lot of people have been asking for my email address. It's So if you want to buy anything, email me there ^_^ (for international I always ship on Mondays & Wednesdays).

I hate the hard parts! Where I'm rummaging through boxes and I spot a glimpse of a plush I know very well, and pull it out. Nostalgia grips me, and suddenly, the thought of selling it is amazingly depressing. I rearranged my plush today:
There is a pile on my desk that I'm sorting through and 4 totes on the floor that aren't pictured. It seems so daunting!! I feel very encouraged by my sales, and meeting the new people to whom the plush are going to. Hopefully my plushies have enjoyed their relocations and new homes! One of those people told me this blog was a good idea, so I could look at pictures and remember my plushie journey. It has helped.
Just a note, alllll the plush in the two stacks/towers on the right are from One Piece. Not quite sure who is going to want all those choppers. <_<;;
It also makes me feel pretty good updating There are a lot of plushies missing from the database, and most of the pictures of the plush and the info is severely lacking. I always dreamed of making a plushie database, and now I'm finally realizing that dream. I doubt I'll get a 'thank you' or anything (and not that I'd ask for one), but I do feel like I'm giving back. I hope to see more plushie lovers on there, ticking off what ones they own/wish for/ordered.
Keep on keepin' on!!


PS. This is the plushie in question that triggered the nostalgia trip:
Inuyasha Sesshoumaru Super DX Ichiban Kuji Raffle plush. I know he's in those totes, and I keep taking him out, thinking I should sell all my Inuyahsa plush (I own almost all that were released) but it becomes a chain of torture as I remember my faves that are stashed in the Inuyasha section: Kouga, Kikyou, DX Kagome, and the first set of Inuyasha pushies (which happens to be my first full set of plush).
Last time I saw this bad boy for sale, it was at a plush shop for $250+ at least 7 years ago. I can't imagine what he'd go for now (especially with the normal small version of him selling for $75+ without a tag even), and I try to put it out of my mind.
With Ichiban Kuji plushies, I've found many people don't even know they exist, since they were a limited prize that you needed a raffle ticket to get. I sold my raffle Kagome DX to someone that was desperate for her, who offered me $500. I really, in my right mind, could not pass up that offer (though I've gotten similar crazy offers for others that I have turned down in the past). What a plush is worth is different to each and every person. I imagine that money can almost not be an object when it's your most hunted for, collection-completing, holy grail plush. I've been there. I'm sure you have, too ^_^;;.

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