Monday, February 13, 2012

Naruto Kigurumi / Wearing UFO Plush 2006 Banpresto

So, just pricing some plushies, and I was rummaging through my boxes and came across these!

They were released in 2006, and each character is supposed to be dressed according to their names (like Shikamaru=deer, Itachi=weasel, etc).
Secret: under Kakashi's mask, there's whiskers, too!! ^o^

Here are some new pictures, though I can't find the Itachi ones I took before I sold all of them :-/ The fabric for their skin is kind of fuzzy, unlike all the other sets.

Naruto, the fox. He's actually really cute, the frog around his neck is pretty funny. I like his little tails in the back.

Kakashi! I get lots of questions about him, oddly enough. About his secret whiskers! I also think this is the first plush where he's got one of his eyes closed instead of open. His ear is actually glued to fold like that.

Sasuke as... what? A blue cat? I really am not sure about this one.

Shikamaru as a deer, of course.

Updating this post! All my Itachis are sold (for around $55-65/ea), Sasuke sells for around $45, Shikamaru around $25, Kakashi around $25-30. Not sure about Naruto, I only have one and I never listed him on Ebay.

Update 12/9/12: Naruto recently sold on ebay for $30.

Update: I only have 1 Kakashi and a few Shikamaru left. All Sasuke, Itachi and Naruto have gone to new homes, thank you!

Update: Kakashi is sold, 2 Shikamaru left



  1. Do you still have any sasuke plush dolls

    1. I've gotten you email and responded, thanks! :-)

  2. Replies
    1. Please email me at for inquiries. I think I still have one but not both.