Sunday, February 26, 2012

Dragon Ball DX Plush Parts 1 & 2

OK, Dragon Ball had this horrendous series of plush that was not really cute in any way (to me). They were similar to the Magic Knight Rayeath to me: they tried to capture the original look of the characters too much, and it took away from the cuteness factor significantly. Oddly enough, I looked at ebay and those plushies (that NOBODY wanted back in the day) are selling for $30+/ea. Wow.
BUT! Years later, in a kind of revival, they released these adorable DX plush to make up for it (and around a year later or less SEGA released a revival of Card Captor plush for some reason, with a totally different look to them than the previous Banpresto sets of years past. How about that?). So, just to clarify, these were released by Banpresto in 2004.
Official shot from the tag:
Can I also take this moment to say that I LOVE it when there's a picture of the whole set on the tag? A good reference for collectors.
Here's the actual shots:

Puar: Very big and fuzzy! LOL... (SOLD)

HOW CUTE IS THIS GOKU? To me, it's the perfect Goku plush. He's got his cloud, smiling happily. These plush are SO high quality, too. I love the fabric they chose for the cloud, the string holding goku's staff, the fact that the staff is made of 2 kinds of vinyl. It's hard to see in photos, but his hair is perfectly done as well. Just such a great plush.

That's it for set 1, since I sold Korin last year to my boyfriend's friend.

Set 2:

Master Roshi, Goku, Oolong.

LOL! How funny is Roshi!? And still great quality. He's blushing, and I must impress onto all plushie collectors to always take a peek behind the glasses/mask. Also, under his shirt, his shorts are hiked up pretty high. I love the small touches. His eyebrows are wonderful!

ANOTHER adorable goku! I don't know which one I love more. He's got a little blush on his cheeks, too. ^o^ Totally heartbroken at the thought of parting with these little gokus ;A; (SOLD)
Oolong, love the smirk! (SOLD)
These plushies have got the characters down so well. These will be going on ebay soon. I think? Those Gokus really are too cute!
Also, just a note, these are DX (Deluxe), so they've got the extra navy tag w gold stitching, and are 10"-12" tall.


  1. Hi! I thought I had written already, but oh well... I just wanted to know if you still have any of these DBZ plushies left...? I hope it's not too late, but I'm guessing it is... Thank you!

    1. If it is not marked as 'sold' it is still available. At the bottom of each of my posts I leave a link to my email, please contact me there if you are interested :-)