Monday, February 13, 2012

Magic Knight Rayearth UFO Plush

MKR Plush. My thoughts... they look a bit odd, ne? ^_^;; These were made in 2004 & 2006. I never did end up collecting them all. I think they tried to model them after CLAMP's SD looks, but I'm not sure it succeeded fully. Mokona and Clef are the big successes for this set, by far. This set was made by SEGA, and they kept using plastic for the eyes, and they tended to yellow over time. Surprisingly, some of these remained intact with no peeling or anything. I take very good care of my plush, I must think that that is one of the reasons these survived so well.

I put them on ebay starting at $75/$99BuyitNow, which I think is fair for them. They're not the most expensive plush, and I really do think it has to do with their looks. 6_6;;

UPDATE: This lot sold on ebay for $75. 

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