Monday, February 13, 2012

Full Moon o Sagashite Plush - Ribon Comics , Bandai

These are plushies from Full Moon o Sagashite. The first one was an official product from the anime, and about 5-6" tall (main body). I sold the set on ebay for $200, I think? The second is zenin send-away prizes from Ribon Magazine. I had a subscription for a while, and would send away when I wanted the prizes. They actually would ship to the USA as long as you provided the postage, something Hana to Yume didn't do. They are about 3" tall in the bodies.
I actually like the keychains more. ^_^;; just listed them on ebay, makes me sad but what am I going to do with them, really?? I need to keep parting with stuff lest I get overwhelmed and become some crazy plushie anime figure artbook hoarder. >_<;;

(SOLD large set $200, SOLD small keychains $45/ea)

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