Sunday, February 19, 2012

Flame of Recca UFO Catcher Plush Prize Banpresto 1997

Total blast from the past. Flame of Recca plushies. I never managed to get the full set, these suckers were really hard to find!! I maybe only saw them for sale a few times, and then they were just GONE. Perhaps they didn't make that many of them, kind of like the Get Backers plush?

Kaoru, Mikagami, Fuuko. I distinctly remember being a Mikagami fan at the time I watched this series, and I do remember liking one of the ending songs. For some reason the Mikagami plush is smaller than the others (about 6.5", while the other two are 7.5"). Fuuko is pretty well done for a busty plushie! Mikagami's shoes cracked a bit but no peeling. It's to be expected with plush this old: Banpresto, 1997.
Nooo idea on pricing as I haven't seen them for sale in a decade, at least. I feel like the only people that would buy them is definitely a Flame of Recca fan, as there wasn't much FoR merchandise made, if I remember correctly.

UPDATE: SOLD Mikagami ($37) and Kaoru ($25)

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