Sunday, February 19, 2012

Shojo Kakumei Utena UFO Plush Sega 1997

Utena plushies! Ehehe, I can't say this is one of the prettier/cuter plush sets. That's SEGA for you (1997). Never got around to procuring this whole set, which also has Juri, Chuchu, and Anthy in it. I'm not sure why, as they were floating around every once in a while back in the day. I remember a lot of them being damaged in some way, or the prices got too high for my liking. I put Utena up on and she sold for $39 in 3 minutes. SHOCKING. I feel like the anime really was a cult favorite and will not be easily forgotten, especially with that unique character design.
My plushies stayed in good shape and I really loved the detail on Utena's outfit. I always enjoyed the ruffles. I am glad Utena is going to a big fan of her character and will have a good new home. We'll see where Touga ends up, I guess! He's going on ebay tomorrow, but he's on for sale a day early to give them a chance at him. Saw him for sale not too long ago for $60+, but I will sell him for a little less. Funny that he goes for more than Utena does... the power of fangirls?

UPDATE: Both are Sold! Utena for $39 and Touga for the same (gave them a deal ehehe).

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