Saturday, February 27, 2016

Ojamajo Doremi Dokka~n UFO Catcher Prize Banpresto 2002

This is another series I don't know at all but somehow have the plushies for it. This seems to be the 'Dokkan' version of them. I can say they are very nice quality, large, and quite cute!

Doremi Harukaze, back of tag and skirt have small marks. 

Senoo Aiko, small factory glue mark on the back, otherwise looking good!

Segawa Onpu, great condition.

Asuka Momoko, small crack, tear in tag.

Fujiwara Hazuki, small dot on hat, factory marks on glasses.

Hana-chan, small mark on her glove. 

On ebay these (this size, later series) seem to get listed for around $50/ea, but I don't see this set in particular.

Pink Haru SOLD, Hana-chan SOLD Onpu SOLD Momoko SOLD

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