Monday, February 22, 2016

Lupin the Third Banpresto UFO Catcher Plush 1996 "Big Size Series"

Now for a set I feel has a lot of charm! Only a set of 3 released by Banpresto in 1996 for Lupin the 3rd, the tag says 'Big Size Series,' though they don't seem especially large? They are all sitting on their little bums and oh so cute.

Lupin, looking like he's got something up his sleeve! Wouldn't be Lupin without a sneaky smile, would it? Nice simple materials and a good design. His tie is even 'pinned' to his shirt! Unfortunately his decals are yellowing and delicate with some peeling. When I rub it with my finger it's not actively peeling off, so that's good. Tag is a bit worse for wear.

Foxy Fujiko, also with some decal wear. I think Banpresto did a great job making her look ladylike, with a tasteful bust that doesn't look silly. Included a profile/side shot of her to show off the cuteness and proportions.

And last but not least, as if to say, "Grr! I'll get you Lupin!!" is Zenigata! He's also got some wear on his decals but you can't not love his attitude! Keep at it, Zenigata!

As for pricing I'm not sure, I see some (much less lovable) ones on ebay with average pricing, so I'd guess around $25/ea or $60/set. 

Lupin SOLD, Fujiko (me northwest) Zenigata (w friend new england)

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