Sunday, February 28, 2016

Fullmetal Alchemist / Hagane no Renkinjutsushi Banpresto 2004 UFO Catcher Plush Prize

Hah, here's one I know REALLY well!! As I've been adding sets here I kept thinking, "I HAVE to add the FMA set soon!" I love this set so much, it's absolutely adorable and has aged beautifully (though it's not as old as some others, 2004 was 12 years ago now). Like the Naruto Soft/Squishy plush set these are sitting plushies with beanie butts. They also look good full-body hanging on a hook as well. Nice quality, nice details, smart designs.  The material the military outfits, Ed's jacket, and winry's top and bandana are made of is velvety and attracts a lot of fizzles and dust though.

Edward is so cute!! All the details are there and of course I love the embroidered faces on this set. Embroidered details last so much longer. He's got his belt, alchemy medal, vest. 

Alphonse! Really nice pattern, I feel like this could have gone wrong in lots of ways! The little cat is adorable and I think Al looks even better sitting than 'standing.'

Winry Rockbell, looking lovely with a wrench in her hand. Details in her pants pockets, tied waist, earrings, right down to her little gloves. Bright and sunny expression, I like her a lot!

Roy Mustang!! SO CUTE!! I only wish they had made little fingers snapping somehow. ;A; All the details in his jacket are there except they didn't make him wearing a white shirt underneath, must be laundry day XD

Armstrong. This is one of the most fun plushies I've ever seen. So well done! Look at that face, that sparkle, that hair curl! How wonderfully perfect is that hair curl?? He's just so great, another unique addition to the set with a great pattern. He always makes me smile. 

For pricing, it seems like longer-running auctions tend to sell for $20-40, probably depends on who is looking at them. I am not seeing many Armstrong or Winry, perhaps they were the rares of the set. Also something keeping prices down for Ed, Al, and Roy I think is that plushies were made and released in the USA so there was competition in a way. I tend to like the Japanese plush more ^_^;; This set is just precious and perfect for FMA fans, I highly recommend it!

UPDATE: Armstrong, Ed, Winry SOLD

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