Sunday, February 28, 2016

Konjiki no Gash Bell / Zatch Bell Banpresto 2004 UFO Catcher Plush Prize

And yet another plush set I don't know much about, but here it is!! Very cute, and well made.

Gash Bell, with Vulcan 300? 

...and crying haha!

Tio, so sweet with her pretty embroidered eyes! Nice details under her toy, her watch is cute too.

An odd looking little guy since I don't know the series, but nice details and I can't fault anyone who loves chocolate!! He is very 3 dimensional so it's hard to photograph him, but it's a good pattern.

Umagon, a... uma? Horse? He's actually quite cute in person, and very 3 dimesional as well. It's hard to see but he's blushing XD 

I really cannot find information on these guys in my usual spots, so no idea on pricing. 

Gash Bell with Vulcan 300 SOLD, Gash Crying SOLD, Tio SOLD, Umagon SOLD, Kanchome SOLD

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