Friday, February 26, 2016

Naruto Firing Rasengan Posing UFO Plush Banpresto 2006 (Posing set 3)

So this is a Naruto set that I caved and bought only 2 plush from because it was at the very end of my collecting, but I can't resist 2 of my very favorite Naruto characters: Itachi and Kakashi (Kakashi in Anbu garb to boot!). These plushies have a lot of neat materials and printing, very cool.

I didn't get the full set, but I managed to scrape up a picture of it after a bit of searching on google.

So you can see the set has Naruto doing a rasengan, sasuke with more advanced eyes, Anbu Kakashi, Itachi, and an all-new for the second time ever Iruka looking rather positive.

I only bought Itachi and Kakashi as I said, so we're only going to be looking at them in detail.

As you can see, Itachi has some great details! I feel like on these more modern plush (hah modern, this was 1996, a decade ago!!) it seems there was more of a focus on silhouette. His jacket is made of a thicker, almost neoprene material that is stiff and holds shape well. The printing on his Akatsuki jacket is a thick plastic (seems thicker than printing on plushies from years earlier, not sure how long it will last before it cracks?), and his head protector is printed in a similar way (a bit different than the first naruto lines where it was glued if I recall correctly). His legs are wonderful and cushy, a well thought out pattern and they are more even and free from odd defects. His top is printed and lined up wonderfully. What a great plushie! I love you, Itachi! <3 foreverandever

Kakashi looks pretty awesome too!! A nice pose, reaching back for his weapon. I like the detail on his bask, the detail on his arm, and his hand on his weapon! His profile view is so cool with him looking over his shoulder almost glaring at you.


Not sure of pricing on these, but they sure are cool!!

Kakashi SOLD

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