Monday, May 14, 2012

Ranma 1/2 Plush UFO Catcher Banpresto 1994

Pardon me, I need to have a 'back in my day/get off my lawn' moment.

Back in my day, when there were only 4 manga titles to choose from at the bookstore (at Media Play AHAHA), and they were called 'graphic novels' and sold for $15+/ea, Ranma 1/2 was one of the series that everyone knew. It was kind of an introductory manga/anime for those that didn't know what anime was. To this day, Takahashi is still a huge name, and Ranma 1/2 remains close to my heart.

Here are the only plush I ever got from Ranma, but I believe that there were a few more? I have at least seen an old Happosai one as well as a p-chan one (not the new USA or china or wherever p-chan, I mean the original, old one from this set). These were made by Banpresto in 2004 (average size 8").

Like the Slayers set, this one is old, and not that fancy. But I feel it will stand the test of time. Very simple, just like Takahashi's art.

Ranma (girl-type). Not too fancy, but that's Ranma, all right! I took a shot of her back so that you can see her pigtail ^o^. Back then the 'skin' material for the plushies was different, a material with tons of tiny loops, not a normal kind of felt, though most of the time that material was just for their faces. How odd!

Here is Akane. Her collar has yellowed and come a bit loose on the front, and I believe it's from the glue used to keep it there. Glue tends to change color over time to a yellow or a brown on these old plushies. Interesting that they put a little pink triangle for their noses in this set ^_^.

 Shampoo. Perfect, and actually really cute. I was getting a bit frustrated taking photos because none of them looked as cute as she is in real life. I love her hair, and the little bubble curl at the very bottom of it. Still mint after almost 2 decades, can you believe it? I really do think this set will stay pristine forever.

Also, interesting tidbit, I actually got these plush from Hitoshi Doi himself (he won them!). Long story, but it makes me happy that they came from such a legend. I suppose now it's time for someone else to have them, though. (SET SOLD, $55)

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