Monday, May 7, 2012

Cardcaptor Sakura Battle Costume 2 Plush Set

The third and last plush set for Cardcaptor Sakura made by Banpresto in 1999. This time, a set of 3 and slightly larger than the previous 2 sets with a height of 8-8.5" each.

Jester Version? My memory is really failing me with this set, I apologize in advance for not remembering each costume. This set is so cute! Banpresto's decal on the card is of a thicker and better quality than before, and the range of materials is great! I love the green shiny fabric, the back of the hat, the cut of the hem, and of course how Sakura's two little bang pieces curl up and back just right.

Melody/Music Version? Ah, Banpresto. You do learn from your mistakes. The decal for the wand is much better than the first set in 1998, and between it is a thicker, hard material, like a plastic. The material for her white skirt is thick and holds shape.

Gold Version? HOW CUTE IS THIS ONE!? The cutest Banpresto one from all the sets, in my humble opinion. Everything is just great. Her little bangs stick up, the material is perfect, even her shoes have this great pearlescent color.  I adore the stitching on the back where the two coattails meet. It's sewn to stick out a bit and fold over her pants pouf. This pattern was really well conceived, she's just wonderful! The only drawback I can see is that her crown isn't made of a more solid material, so it doesn't stand up straight... but she's so cute, I forgive her!


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