Monday, May 7, 2012

Cardcaptor Sakura Sega Plush Set 2005

There were a few Cardcaptor Sakura sets made, namely 4. Banpresto made 3 of them (in 1999), and I will post them soon.
Then, out of the blue, SEGA released a set of 4 in a completely different, but extremely adorable, style om 2005. This set consists of Sakura & Tomoyo in school uniforms, Sakura in a battle costume (classic one), and Kero. Very pudgy and cute, 6-7" tall. In my experience in selling plush recently, I've come to think that this is the set that people really want, as I've been getting requests and though I had almost 3 sets, I am down to only one now simply because I held onto it a bit longer. Each has sold for $39 easily, so I'm not sure if the average going price is above that or not?
Anyway, let's see these cuties!!

Sakura, looking super-cute!! Eyes are stitched, and the hair is really well done and suits the style.

Tomoyo, looking darling. I think it's a toss up for who is cutest in this set; Tomoyo or Battle Costume Sakura.

This one really deserves more detail. Her hat is adorable and the lace and detail on her sleeves and under her skirt is perfect. She's really silky looking, and even has bows on her hands.

I especially adore the sprayed-on blush for the cheeks. How cute a finishing touch is that??

Now, seeing the ladies one might think Kero isn't that special but he's still a really good rendition of him and also deserves to be adored ^o^

I really, really love stitched eyes. <3 Their eyebrows are stitched as well, but you can't see them accurately behind their hair. But they're there!

If you want to inquire before I post them on ebay, you can find me at the link below, as always.


(SET SOLD  $39/ea)

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