Monday, November 28, 2011

Listed - Sailor Moon DX Plush

Here I sit, a bit heartbroken because I just listed my Sailor Moon DX plush on ebay. It's just time, I think. I actually bought a special plastic tote to keep them in these past 11 years, and it's just sad that that's been their home. I take them out and so many memories come rushing back, and the pride from owning such rare, desired plush.
But, even after I sold my Star Locket on ebay, one of my favorite things, and now these plush, I have kept this:
My Usagi-Sailor-Moon-chan and wand. I hope someday, if I have a daughter, it will have been worth keeping them to see the magic that they might bring her. I'm also keeping my 1000 Editions limited print I have of all the senshi together.
I've been drawing random sketches for people that win Sailor Moon/plush auctions, though it depends on how much time I have. So dear is Sailor Moon to my heart. Here's one of my favorites, as I will forever be Serenity obsessed:
With that, goodnight. Good luck to anyone that is wanting a plush, and is going to bid. Please, please love them <3

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