Sunday, November 20, 2011

Nana x Nana UFO Catcher Plush Prize Banpresto (Ai Yazawa)

Here is the Nana x Nana plush set, from the anime based on the manga Nana by Ai Yazawa. Ai Yazawa is so great. Really. Start releasing Nana manga again!!

Nana is so cute. Y'know, in that rocker-turned-plush kind of way. I really love how they did the eyes, and that they were stitched. She's even got her earrings and a little belt! Her boots/coat have a plastic coating on them, but they're still perfect. I feel like this is also the kind of plush that you could hang in your car window and people that didn't even know what it was or what it was from would still like it. Nana's a cool chick, after all. (ALL NANAs SOLD! No more of this cutie! ;A;)

Hachi, the dog. She is super cute, though I kind of wish they didn't give her the dog tail/ears. It doesn't match with the set quite as well, though of course if you got plush from the series you'd need to collect her as she's one of the main characters. SOLD
Nobu. I like how they did his hair. I'm reminded that sometimes plush can go in the wrong direction with spikey hair, a la Tasuki from Fushigi Yugi. I like how his eyes are so clear and his eyebrows are a bit darker than his hair color. SOLD

Yasu. For a bald plush... pretty darn cute! The plastic on his shades tends to separate from the cloth underneath, but nothing some fabric glue wouldn't set straight. I think it's a common problem, as I have a double of him and they're both the same. So, I guess the question is... does he have eyes under there? Guess you need to own him to find out XD SOLD

Shin! He looks like a girl, doesn't he?? He's got awesome plaid pants, shoes with fringe, Vivienne Westwood necklace, lip piercing and load of earrings. You can tell a lot of thought went into how to approach his spikey hair, and the decision was a row of spikes standing up, and the rest stuffed shaped plush. Works out a heck of a lot better than Killua's hair from Hunter x Hunter. SOLD

Altogether, a great set with lots of attention to detail. I like how they made them with big heads/little bodies instead of making it too literal. I remember when this was released it was kind of hard to find. I couldn't get them through my usual sources. I don't know if they made less of them, or that it was thought they wouldn't sell well. In any case, it was a good thing I knew they were released or I may have missed them. I don't see them around much, I saw one sell (Yasu, and Hachi, I think?) for $40/ea on ebay after a small bidding war about a year ago.

Edit: I sold one set for $150 the other day (9/2015), sold Nana and Hachiko extras for $35/ea. I have 1 full set left  Nana is gone now so I don't have the full set left anymore, they are getting lots of inquiries so if you want them I suggest to nab them soon!

Edit 12/2015: ALL NANA PLUSH ARE NOW SOLD AND ENJOYING HAPPY NEW HOMES! Thank you everyone for adopting them!

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  1. Guessing these are long gone now ???