Thursday, December 8, 2011

Hunter x Hunter UFO Catcher Plush Prize Banpresto 2001

Thanks to a friend on trusty Arlong Park Forums, I am now the proud owner of a lovely used set of Hunter x Hunter English editions 1-26. I haven't read it in almost a decade? A little less? I'm eating through it quickly, and I find no better time to look at the plushies than now, while I revisit the series. Set of 5 released in 2001 by Banpresto: Gon, Killua, Kurapika, Leorio, Hisoka.

Gon is so darn cute!! They really nailed him, his eyes are perfect! Instead of filling all his spikey hair with cotton, it's kind of a mountain range around the outside, empty in the middle XD No backpack, though.. (SOLD $30 due to material on feet cracking)
Killua! Love the gold/bronze on his shoes! His face is great and they got his hair right, too! (SOLD $45)

Kurapika! Love the details, that he's got that chain on his right hand. However, now is a good time to point out something that can go wrong with plush materials:
They can bend and crack a bit! Happens to those that are painted/printed on fabric.
And beware of where you leave your tags touching! When I ship plush, I always tuck the tag if I'm not sure, and put the paper tag against regular felt if I can. (SOLD $35)

Leorio. Something is just so awesome about his plush!! I love his finger pointing, so well done! His face, his hair... just one of my favorite plush. Without a doubt, 1000% Leorio. (SOLD)

Hisoka, looking creepy as ever. His shoes are a riot. I love that his shirt comes up so his belly shows XD (SOLD $40)

AND SPECIAL ADDED BONUS! I bought the 'asian' version as well, which has Kuroro in the set instead of Leorio. Keep in mind, these are all DX, large, 12"+.
Gon! Actually really cute! And look, a pole and backpack! They filled his hair instead of what Banpresto did, though the back is odd, a couple stuffed triangles:
(I actually think Gon & Killua are two of the best of this set...)
Hmm... I feel like Kurapika missed the mark a little XD The string chain on his hand it nice, though!
Hisoka has cards, but the Japanese version is much better.
Kuroro / Chrollo. He is actually why I bought this set, I remember loving his character and jumping at the chance to own a plush version, not caring where in Asia it came from. I think he looks great!! <3

Nooo idea of pricing on these, I found Leorio on YAJ for like 4500Y, which struck me as steep (keep in mind the exchange rate, like $60+) especially because I imagine Gon & Killua as being the most desired. Though I don't know how the ratios for the sets worked, perhaps Leorio was the rare. Guess I need to do more research, so hard to price plush with nothing to go on. Not much Hunter x Hunter merch out there, and they're just remaking the show now (what is with all these remakes? Kenshin, Dragon Ball, Hunter x Hunter, FMA, etc).

Finally got my butt in gear and listed more stuff, mostly manga. Gotta work through the plush.

Killua, Hisoka, Kurapika, Gon, Leorio SOLD

Large Hong Kong Plushies SOLD

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