Sunday, November 20, 2011

Slayers UFO Catcher Prize Plush set Banpresto 1995

Here is the Slayers plush set, which is sooo oldddd (16 years):

Lina, Gourry, Rezo.

I really think I got a great Gourry! Sometimes you get a plush and their face shape is off, but I think Gourry is perfect. Gorgeous Gourry:

These plush are so dated, you can tell by the materials used. In all honesty, though, I kind of like it! Lina's got a little rip in her tag, though.

Naga (SOLD $30), Ameria, Zelgadis (SOLD $50).

Zelgadis is the most desired of this set by far, and one of my favorites in my collection. There's just something about him. My friend thought so, too, and I think it's the common consensus as he goes for the most money. I remember him going for around $75-80 a few years ago, but I never see him for sale now so I have no idea. Again, I got a great one with a perfect face as well. Lucky!

Naga is really well sewn, her boobs are hilarious and she's got a great attention to detail. I love her necklace, shoulder pads, expression.

Her tag is a bit creased, though. However, it's amazing her red headband gem is intact and perfect. I have sailor moon plush where the gems are peeling, falling off, etc. But Naga is aging splendidly! Must be that hearty laugh of hers...

I really, really like this set. Rezo is meh, and Ameria isn't the best, but the rest are fantastic. That Zelgadis, he's bewitching, or something. I love the old materials, and that these plush look BRAND NEW. This was before they starting gluing hair to itself to make layers and using fancy plastics and iron-ons. So these plush don't fall victim to a lot of the downfalls of those materials. If their gems had been made out of different things, if there had been metallic materials used for their armor, it would have been a different story. But not back then. These were made in 1995, and I'd say '96 is around when fancy materials starting showing up, like the Sailor Moon Starlights.

Naga, Zelgadis, Rezo SOLD


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