Sunday, November 20, 2011

Azumanga Daioh UFO Catcher Plush sets (Original, Buru Buru, Toy Works Cats)

After being away for a few days I had to rest a bit to fight off whatever cold was nipping at me, and I took some shots that were requested of me... Azumanga, Slayers, Mononoke, and Nana! This first post will be about Azumanga!

So, I guess I'll start with the Azumanga school set by SEGA (Yomi, Osaka, Tomo, Sakaki, Kagura, Chiyo):

I really love chiyo the best in this set! She's so cute and smaller than the rest (as she should be) but plush don't always abide by those rules, of who is taller/shorter. Yomi has a small scratch across the plastic in her eye. I must say, with plush I really hate when they use plastic. It doesn't keep as well as other materials unless you take care to keep an eye on it (see how the weather is effecting it, make sure that it's not sticking to anything that's touching it, etc). But, so darn cute! Totally worth it!

Buru-Buru Plush set SEGA 2002 (Sakaki & kamineko, Chiyo, Chiyo's 'dad', Osaka):

AHAHA!! This is a fantastic ode to Azuma's great art; the expressions he slaps on his characters! I've been reading Yotsuba and it's steeped in amazingly hilarious facial expressions. I love Osaka's blank face. When you pull the cord at the top of their heads, they 'buru-buru' (vibrate). Unfortunately, Chiyo's dad has a little loss on his eyes. If I remember right, I bought him that way. Price you pay to get the rare ones!

Azumanga ToyWorks Cat set:

HOW GREAT IS THIS CHIYO DAD PLUSH?? And he's HUUUGE! Bigger than a DX plush. Great quality, you can bend his arms (I made him waving ahaha). The stitching is perfect. This is one of those plush that is VERY hard for me to sell or think about selling. He's also one of the most expensive and rare I own, clocking it at around $450-550 depending on the seller/buyer.

Yamamaya! Another painful sale. And another of my rarest, most expensive plush. I think he goes for $350-450. I love how the color stripe on the inside of his ear is lighter than the rest of his stripes. Again, such nice quality! Look at that face...

Smiling nekokoneko! I love how these look just like they should. The baby one stays on top with a patch of velcro attached to its belly. Again, pricey, yikes! Around $200-$250 last time I checked.
Now sleeping XD. I like how their feet are tucked under them, how cute!

Biting kamikeno! Don't pet him, Sakaki! Ouch! X_X

Kamineko Smiling. He's got wire in his tail, so I like to bend it! He's rather front-heavy due to his head. The frontal picture of him (and most of the cats) looks funny as their heads are so big!!

I really think that it's one of those sets that's not only hard to find, but expensive, so I imagine most people collect it a plush at a time. I can't quite remember, but I think I got 2 or 3 separate, and the rest all together around the time of release or a bit later. They were still expensive then, and I think that is just the case with most plush that are NOT prize items and are actually sold in stores. The quality is so much better that way as well.

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