Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Naruto Weapons / Buki UFO Plush Set Banpresto 2003

On to the Naruto plush sets! I believe this is the third set released for Naruto? Depends on if you count DX and Ichiban Kuji. The tag on this set says 'buki' which means 'weapon' in Japanese, so that's what I'm going with. The set was released in 2003 (a big year for Naruto plush it seems) by Banpresto, set of 5: Gaara, Rock Lee, Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura.

Naruto came out really cute in this set!! Banpresto changed the materials for the ninja shoes a few times, and this material seems to be the best in my opinion. I like the stitched eyes and details, he looks really good.

Sasuke came out well too! This whole set is great, really. The proportions work well for Sasuke on this plush.

Isn't this the cutest Sakura ever!? So cute!! >w< I love how her green eyes shine because of the stitching.

Rock Lee... so good I took 3 shots! I was so excited when this plush came out, he's so wonderful! Relatively dynamic for a plush as well, looking 2/3 to the side, feet angled, and his arm outstretched. Very cool, Lee! <3

The first Gaara plush. Again, so pleased with this set! I really like Gaara, huge gourd and all. So glad the symbol on his forehead is stitched and not ironed on!

Not sure of the pricing on these, I'll have to update when I've done more research.
Naruto, Sakura, Gaara SOLD



  1. Hi, my name's Skye, and I would like to get some information on where you got your Lee plush! It would make me very happy to know. So far, I've looked around many many MANY sites, and they all say that they're out of stock. I could also buy the Lee, I have a good deal too! Thank you for your time.

    - Skye

    1. Sorry, plush is very old, they are originally prize items so once they're gone they're gone. All of the plushies sites I used to buy from are now gone, too. I moved recently (just got my stuff in order now) and sold him before I left and haven't gotten to update the blog yet. I may have an extra I forget... please email me at to inquire, I will look for him but things are a bit messy from the move. Thanks!

    2. It turns out I have 1 left. As I said, please email me at if you are interested! Thank you!