Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Naruto Kyuubi Pose UFO Plush Banpresto 2006 (Posing set 2)

Another Naruto plush set from 2006, this time it says 'posing' on the tag, Banpresto. So glad that Yondaime is in this set! Banpresto used different materials again, though with stitched eyes.

Ehehe this is kind of cute, a fierce Naruto plush. I think the stitching detail is really clever.

Sasuke with his curse marks. They're not stitched, but I do think it looks better that way. You can even see it on his leg!

Shikamaru, finally! His pony tail isn't like Iruka's from the first set. It's just one piece of fabric sewn in a circle, so it's 'hollow' in the middle. What I think is really funny is that his hands aren't in pockets, they're just stuffed down his pants!

Kakashi... I really wish they did more with him in this set, especially since 'pose' is in the plush set title. Took a picture of his eye of course.

 Yondaime / Minato. He looks fantastic!! Unlike Shikamaru, his hands are actually in sewn little pockets. I don't know why Minato had the extra attention, but there you have it. 

Not sure about pricing, need to do some research.

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