Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Naruto Ichiban Kuji Raffle UFO Plush Banpresto 2003

Naruto's first raffle plush set! Usually the Ichiban Kuji sets are harder to find. In Japan you have to get a ticket and enter a raffle for kuji, unlike winning the plush in game machines at the arcade. The prizes go in tiers, with the largest/best prize being harder to get and less of them made.

For this set, Sasuke DX was the largest prize, then Kakashi, then the smaller 3. Inuyasha also had some kuji prizes, and I remember the DX Kagome is one of those plush that most collectors don't even know exists. I think this Sasuke may also fall into that category a bit.

For me, this is the perfect Sasuke plush. Amazing quality, looks great, and is suuuper big (12-15" ish). His boots aren't sewn on, and I'm pretty sure they can be wiggled right off of him.

Kakashi is not a DX, but he's bigger than regular plush size. Interesting how they made his mask a different material.

Naruto, looking cute! Though Sasuke's details are stitched, the rest of the set uses the iron on kind. 

Another cute Sakura plush! So adorable. These plush are made to look a little more chibi/squat than most of the other sets.

Sasuke looking as he should, a little haughty and self confident.

The whole set together. Here you can really see the size difference. Isn't that Sasuke DX awesome? Not sure of pricing on these, need to research!

UPDATE: Looked up pricing and only found Sasuke and Naruto little ones for 3000Y/ea. I remember seeing Kakashi at one point for $55-65 but that was a while ago. I still haven't seen that Sasuke DX for sale. 



  1. Hi, I'm interested in this set, I want to know the prize for it and the cheaper shipping cost to Spain.


  2. Please email for inquiries! I did some research and a plushie store is selling the little ones for 3000Y (about $37-38USD). I think I'd sell the small ones for $25/ea and Kakashi for $45. Not sure about Sasuke DX, I've never seen him for sale.