Saturday, March 14, 2015

Oh My Goddess / Ah! Megami-sama UFO Catcher Plush Banpresto 2000

For some reason Oh My Goddess doesn't seem to get much merchandise that is 'standard' other than resin and now more very complex PVC, but these plushies are a cute and welcome edition. A set of 3 consisting of Belldandy, Urd, and Skuld made by Banpresto in 2000.

Look at all those fabrics!

Belldandy has wires in her top strands of hair so you can decide how to curl them, she's got shiny decals on her face and clothes, a beautiful cape and headband, too.

The pleating on her cape is nice and the headband material too!

Her pony tail in the back is a single sheet but it's cut in a way that makes it curl into a more complete shape. Woah!

And look how her front bangs curl just right and wrap around her hair strands that come down! How did they DO that? The hair just curls around so naturally. Her hair just amazes me.

Urd looks great, too and even has a bustline! Again, a wire in her hair and her hair curls, do you see that?

Those curls are just so cool to me... I haven't seen that on any other plush that I can remember.

All the materials are nice but the fabric stiffened and separated on her cape :-(

Skuld with long legs!! Her hair is nice with a slight wave.

Her skirt's color has darkened and stiffened just like Urd's cape. I see this with dual-layers that were glued together for capes and such.

I did have two of these sets, and now I just have this one. I remember being surprised at how quickly the set sold on ebay and how many inquiries (and offers) I got about them after they sold. I definitely underpriced them at $45/set, should have been more like $75-80 based on the offers I received.
Both sets are now SOLD for $60. Could have sold for more, but meh lol!

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