Friday, March 13, 2015

Fushigi Yuugi Banpresto 1995 UFO Catcher Plush

I was just talking with a fellow collector about this set, so I wanted it to be the first one I posted when I started clearing boxes.

This is one of those sets that is rather large, and that I cobbled together when I saw them or had the  money. I absolutely do not remember what I paid for them except for Miaka.

To start, I wanted to post a picture of the back of the tag that conveniently has a photo of the whole set (I absolutely love it when they do that!). I get a kick out of these tags also because it is the idealized version of the plush, how they look (or should look) when they're perfect. With that in mind, let's move on...

Miaka! I took a bunch of different pictures of her, then decided she's just not photogenic. I wanted to show how cute I think she is, but it's just not working. She's a bit dynamic, and is almost arching her back in a way. She's got her Suzaku scroll with her and I do think I got lucky with her face not being deformed in any way but a nice shape. I assure you, she's cute in person!!

Tamahome. Man, was I wild for Tamahome when I watched this series with my friend... over a weeklong summer camp stuck inside due to rain. Fond memories of this series abound! In any case, he's got the same problem as Miaka where his pose is not doing him any photogenic favors.

Tamahome's back and facial detail (see? his face isn't that bad, it's just the angle!!). I love these old plushies and their materials, like the Slayers set. I do adore the amazing new materials that are used a decade later, but these old ones are charming too in their own way. His little rope pony tail an other hair from this set always makes me laugh.

Hotohori... with black hair? Sure, why not. He seems to really like his sword haha. My summer camp friend was firmly in the Hotohori side of things. His pony tail is not string though haha!

Chichiri! I do wish that his staff had something stiff in it, but when I think of future plush and the way it was done with them, I don't think those were the best options, either (the plastic kind with a print on it tended to peel, the hard plastic accessory always looked off, the softer layered kind just flopped like this). His necklace is a nice touch and I like the print on his cape. 

Little Chiriko, not sure how I feel about his arms in this one! The plush does capture his feeling well though.

The always entertaining Nuriko, again here crops up the rope hair. Not terrible looking, in my opinion. (SOLD, $45)

Mitsukake donning his cat, whose name I forgot. I'm actually surprised I remember all their names!! Ah, the fuzzy fluffy hair of this series. Chiriko and Chichiri both have shocks of it and Mitsukake has kind of a controlled even fuzz.

Ah, Tasuki. I feel like this plush is kind of infamous because of his wild hair. He's a bit faded/yellowed in his eyes. Not unusual, I just remember having a hard time finding him and had to just settle for this one. His fan is worse for wear :-( SOLD $35 (lower price due to fan damage)

All in all it's a fun set for what it's worth, not impressive by any means but definitely nostalgia fuel to last you a while. ^_~

Full set shot. It is nice to see them all together :-)

As for pricing I don't quite remember, when I got them they ranged from $15-20 (for chiriko?) and more for other characters depending (Mitsukake was the low too, maybe around $20? while Tamahome, Hotohori, and Nuriko were in the $45-60+, even $75+ range).

Tasuki, Nuriko, Chiriko SOLD

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  1. Are you selling Nuriko? :o If so, how much would you want for him?

    1. I think I got an email from you and I responded! ^o^

  2. Do you still have any of these for sale?

  3. If it says they are sold they are sold. I have an entry that is a list of sets and availability, for reference too if you need it, thanks!