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Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne UFO Catcher Plush Banpresto 1999

This is a set that came from a series that originally ran in Ribon Magazine by Arina Tanemura. I remember being young and seeing her art, and being blown away. I absolutely adored it. I read the series in Japanese with a translation dictionary and I have to say I can only vaguely remember it (probably because I was translating it haha). I saw I bought the USA release of the manga (from CMX?) but am missing two volumes. I think I will hunt them down and read the series properly now, for old times sake.

Anyhow, there inevitably was an anime and then there were plushies!! Let's start with the namesake, shall well? Released by Banpresto in 1999. I forget how I got this set exactly, it wasn't stocked in the usual stores but my memory isn't the best because Finn was my first plush and I wasn't as educated as I was later on. Finn came first, and the others later if I remember right. I think I got Marron, Jeanne, and Chiaki from Hitoshi Doi and Miyako when I finally hunter her down from some random source.

Kaitou Jeanne in all her colorful glory! What a cute, petit little set this is. I love the proportions of these plushies. They are small, like 6.5-7" tall (as opposed to the normal 7-8"). She is so cute with all of her details and materials. I love the bows and her stitched hair.

Finn... I think she is one of the more rare of the set? Simply because someone was very desperate for her years and years ago, when I was still avidly collecting and part of the (plushie) community, and offered me $500 for her. I turned her down, and I regret it to this day. Eventually my Finn went into storage and I'm sure the other girl would have treasured Finn like gold. I do hope that girl found her Finn plushie, I'm sorry I wasn't ready to give her up!! This particular Finn was won for me by a friend of mine who visited family in Japan. I asked for her to bring me back something if she had a chance, and she brought me back this. This, is, if not my first, one of my very first plushies ever. I remember I had an Inuyasha (first series) set, and this Finn. Very nostalgic for me, I can understand my mind set years ago when I didn't sell her (who wants a partial set, anyways? XD) since we have history together.

Marron in her school uniform. How. Adorable. Is. She.

After buckling down and deciding to pull out my plush and making Fushigi Yuugi the first goal, the Jeanne set was in the same storage box. And there was Marron. One of the cutest plushies I think I've ever owned. Definitely one of my favorites. The hair is just perfect! The little peaks on top with some paint, her buns painted as well and her hair stitched into little swirls on either side. Her uniform is great with the stitching and her proportions are spot-on, the face is a PERFECT shape and her decals and just right. I just said I'd sell all my plushies with little to no exception, and here I am having a dilemma already. I love you, Marron. <3

Chiaki, looking cute and a little haughty with his hand-on-hip action. Like Marron, I am fond of his face, proportions, and his decals very much.

Miyako. When I see her I am convinced I got her from a different source than Chiaki, Marron and Jeanne (additionally now I am clearly remembering buying the 3 together and from a site that looks like Doi's so I'm more confident that's where I got them). Her tag has what looks to be some paint removal due to an adhesive the size of a pricing sticker. She wasn't as well taken care of as the others because her eyes are discolored/yellowing. Still, having a full set (especially of a more rare lesser known set like this) is very gratifying and you take what you can get in the grand scheme of collecting. If you see that set-completing plush that you've been hunting for for years you are going to pounce on it, sink in your teeth and not let go that's for sure.

A full set shot and a tag back shot. I was looking through some old blog posts and I realized I found it lovely when there was a shot of the full set together, and decided I had to try to do that from here on out if I can remember. And look at that picture of the full set on the back, I love it. In the picture it looks like Jeanne had a wand, but mine doesn't look like anything detached, no stitch marks, no paint transfer so I'm not sure she had a wand in final production. I looked on a figure community page and in pictures from other people she didn't have a wand, so I'm thinking it didn't make it to final production.

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