Monday, December 3, 2012

Sailor Moon Super S UFO Catcher Plush Banpresto 1996

The last set of Sailor Moon plush that I have, the Super S set with the inner senshi and the Amazoness Quartet. It was released in 1996 by Banpresto and is a whopping set of 10: Super Sailor Moon, Chibi Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, VesVes, CereCere, PallaPalla, JunJun.

We'll start with the quartet, here's the full group of girls.

And individually...:

VesVes is a bit hard to photograph, because her pony tail is really huge and stiff. However, she is really cute!! I like all the little felt details.

JunJun, very cute as well! I really like all of the Quartet. I like that the materials used are mostly the kind that stand the test of time provided you take care of the plush well.

PallaPalla, how cute is she? Look at all those materials! Felt, string, shimmery semi opaque, plastic, coated fabric, felt, paint transfer (bracelet). Really impressive to me. (Pallapalla SOLD)

CereCere... soooo adorable!! 100% cute.

Here is all the inner senshi and the Moons. I forgot to take a photo but perhaps you noticed that again there's pictures of the set on the back of the tag? A lot of time as well when there's no picture of who the set consists of there's at least a little note in the top right or left corner of the tag that tells how many there are in the set (this says 10 in the upper left corner).

Super Sailor Moon with her wand, made of hard plastic. As I said before I'm not really a fan of the hard plastic but at least it stands the test of time. I like the jewels on her bow and waist <3 SOLD

Sailor Chibi Moon, looking rather cute! Again a plastic accessory. I do think she's exceptionally cute in this plsh and has a nice face. SOLD

Jupiter, Mars, Mercury, Venus. All looking very cute! Much like the outer senshi in the Stars 1 set, I feel these have similar expressions and they go together very well. I think you can see it best on Jupiter, but they've all got a little blush on their cheeks. I think Jupiter is especially cute and I love that Mars has a talisman with her.

Not for sale, posted for posterity.

Edit: Set is now for sale. Prices seem all over the map, saw PallaPalla and CereCere sell for around $70, they seem to range from $55-75 each. The inner senshi I'm not completely sure, perhaps $30-45? I feel like with plushies, for me, depends on the shape they're in, their tags, and how they look/are sewn. No one wants a mushy awkward face plushie LOL

Super Sailor Moon, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Mercury, Chibi Moon, PallaPalla SOLD


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