Sunday, December 2, 2012

Naruto Yawaraka / Soft UFO Plush 2005 Banpresto

The last Naruto set that I have, other than some special Jump Festa ones (and a random Anbu Kakashi and Itachi). The tag on this one says 'Yawaraka' which means soft. It was released by Banpresto in 2005. Their legs fold and they can sit with little beanie butts... naturally, I love them! This is one of my favorite sets.

 Gamakichi! Bring on the animals. Really nice quality here, nice material choices, I like the stitching, and you can make him sit really well. Tempting to cosplay as Naruto and put this lil' guy right on your head or shoulder! SOLD

 Another animal, Pakkun. Tempting to cosplay as Kakashi and put him on your head ahaha! He's very cute, and I appreciate that his nose isn't stitched, it's a little piece of plastic.

Where there's Pakkun, there's Kakashi. Right? Cute as ever, his little jacket rides up a little ehehe.

Naruto looking really cute and perfect <3. I like his round face and whole outfit. He looks so happy and peppy.

This Sasuke is probably tied for my favorite with that DX Ichiban Kuji raffle one. We get him in an outfit he's rarely seen in, and I really love him in black. His hair and face is just right, and he looks supper cute sitting down and hanging out with Naruto.

 See? Aren't they cute sitting down?

Not sure on pricing, need to do some research. All Gamakichi SOLD $35


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