Monday, December 3, 2012

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars UFO Catcher Plush Series 1 Banpresto 1996

I don't have too many Sailor Moon plush as I don't like the look of the majority of them. However, I do have 3 sets that I really love and this is one of them.
This set is from the Sailor Stars series, released in 1996 by Banpresto. A set of 5, consisting of the outer senshi (Pluto, Uranus, Neptune, Saturn) and Eternal Sailor Moon. I know the set with the outer senshi holding their weapons is very popular, but I don't think they're as charming as this set (personally speaking).

Ahh, she is so cute!! There were 2 Eternal Moon plush made (the second being in the set after this one, the Sailor Stars series II plush) and this is definitely my favorite. A sweet smile, waving, lots of happy energy. I like the material of wings, and the 3 layer skirt is too adorable!

 Sailor Neptune, looking very charming! It's hard to tell, but she's got some blush on her cheeks. 

Sailor Uranus, looking high spirited and winking!

I really like this Pluto, I think she is just lovely! Her colors are wonderful and I like her eyes.


Sailor Saturn, soooo adorable!!! Her look is a bit different than from the SuperS sets with the weapons. As I said, I definitely prefer the cuteness of these over the weapons set. I'm also not really partial to a hard plastic accessory attached to a plushie, so my preference for this set makes a fair amount of sense.
Gosh, isn't she just the cutest!? >w<

 Full set picture. Aren't they just lovely together? A cute, happy feeling. 

For prices, I've seen them range on ebay. Most of them sell for $35-55+ depending on who is bidding/sees the auction. These are not for sale at the moment, not sure if I will sell them or not. If I do, it will be when all the other plush are gone and these are all that remain. 

Edit: A set of these just sold on ebay for a whopping $339.99!! If people are willing to pay so much, who am I to stop them from buying them from me, that's for sure! Moonies, I now pronounce these for sale. 

Edit: Set is SOLD.

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  1. well if you ever do decide to sell these i'd be happy to buy saturn from you (or all of them if you want to sell them as a set) [i can give you my email address in a message or something or as an unpublished comment perhaps?] although you if don't want to right now i completely understand :)