Saturday, July 28, 2012

Chobits UFO Plush Part 2 (CLAMP) Banpresto 2002

Second and final set for Chobits by Banpresto for UFO plush in 2002.

And another nice picture of the set on the tag.

Chi, adorable in her work uniform. Again, lots of materials used here. Bows, ruffles, bloomers, etc. Really impressive, and very cute! SOLD

I feel like I remember some debate about this plush. Plushie being sexy? Cute? It was a toss up, and made for some odd discussion. I like to opt for cute, as Chi really is. The added bow on the undies is rather funny, though! (SOLD)

Another Sumomo, but not nearly as nice as the first unfortunately.

Yumi, looking very cute in her work outfit! I think she's really adorable in her little kimono! I feel that I got a really good luck of the draw plush, as she's got a nice face too. SOLD

Atashi bunny. Actually very well done!

Full set. Looks like one from this set are priced around $40/ea on ebay. I feel that is a bit high, perhaps $25-$30/ea would be more appropriate.

Chi in night shirt, Chi working, Atashi Bunny, Sumomo, Yumi SOLD

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  1. is it too late to purchase chii plush dolls?

  2. please email me for chii plush dolls asap!!! thanks