Saturday, July 28, 2012

Chobits UFO Plush (CLAMP) Part 1 Banpresto 2002

Ah, some of these plushies are just so well done! Released in 2002 by Banpresto, the first Chobits set consists of 4 characters: Sumomo, Chi, Freya, and Yuzuki.

One of those helpful sets that give you a good picture on the tag.

Yuzuki - her bow in the back is really nice, for this set they really mixed up the materials nicely. SOLD

 Chi, very cute!! The detailing on this set is great. She's got so many little ribbons and bows. (SOLD)

Freya, also looking nicely detailed with straps and buckles. (SOLD)

Sumomo! This is probably one of my favorite plush of all time. A dynamic pose that actually works for a plush? Amazing! Several kinds of material? Yes, please! Fringe? Why not! Tiny dancing feet, adorable! I don't think there could be a more perfect plush of Sumomo. Severely cute character portrayed perfectly. She's a keeper. I've seen others, and I think perhaps I just got a really good plush as well. 

For pricing, looks like $22/ea 
Freya (black dress) and Chi (white dress), Sumomo, Yuzuki SOLD

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  1. I am very much interested are you selling these?

  2. Yes please email me for inquiries at Thanks!