Saturday, August 22, 2015

Shaman King Ufo Catcher Plush Banpresto 2001

A Shaman King set of 5 was made by Banpresto in 2001, and though admittedly I've always wanted to read Shaman King, I've never gotten around to it. I bought these plushies because they are SO AWESOME and I didn't want to get into the series and not have them. Fast forward 14 years later, and here I am. Shaman King, I promise I will read you soon!!

Altogether, this is one of the nicest, most impressive plush sets I've ever seen from Banpresto in my collecting, and that is saying a lot.

Here is a picture of the set. Clockwise from the left is Yoh, Anna, Ren, Horo Horo, and Manta.

Yoh looks awesome. This plushie is AMAZING! The detail always astounds me on him. His headphones, his outfit, his hair, the fabrics! SOLD

Look at that! So much detail!

He's got a little peeling going on on his glove but otherwise is in tip top shape!

Anna looks great with her thicker fabric dress, sandals and beads. Her bandana even comes off!

Horo Horo's proportions are a bit different than the others, but his details are just as nice. I find his hair very interesting, and the fabric on his jacket has held up surprisingly well!

Look at the hair! How funny and interesting. It's always surprising how spiky hair is done from set to set. 

Tiny hairline crack as well as some cosmetic scrape that's always been there since I got him.

Ren also has wonderful details on his outfit and accessories. SOLD

It's like a tattoo through his shirt, great attention to detail and fantastic execution.

Tiny hairline crack but in better shape than Yoh's.

A little cracking going on on his right foot.

Manta looking accurate but definitely not as flashy as the others! SOLD

I have no idea on pricing currently, I remember them being very expensive at one point (over $100 for Yoh, Ren, and Horo Horo) and then dropping to semi-reasonable prices ($25-85 range, Manta being the lowest, Anna being middle range and then the other boys being on the high end). Because they are rare now maybe their prices would be high on auction, I am really not sure.

Edit: Tao Ren is SOLD, Manta SOLD, Yoh SOLD
Edit: At the end of August I saw Horo Horo and Anna I think on ebay from a Japanese seller, they were asking $95-99/ea if I remember correctly. However, their plush were in worse condition, with much peeling on Horo Horo. So, perhaps pricing hasn't changed too much in the last decade?

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