Monday, May 18, 2015

X/1999 CLAMP UFO Catcher Plush SEGA 1996

Someone was asking after these so I thought, "better add them now before they're gone!"

Admittedly, I had to pull out my Nobuteru Yuki X genga doujinshi to get my memory jogging after these names. These plushies were released in conjunction with the (beautifully animated) 1996 movie, not the later anime series. The set is a whopper with 10 plushies in it! We'll start with Kamui and his Dragons of Heaven.

EDIT: I snuck in a picture of the full set before I sold off one of them. I like these full set pictures :-)

Just a reminder, these plushies are from 1996. So, pretty old at this point. There is some yellowing of the eye decals on them but overall they held up remarkably well. Not many fancy materials, just some decals and painted felt. Kamui has a little glue on his hair, but I feel he's one of the best looking of the set (but I like Kamui's design, so I'm a bit biased I suppose). He has a hairline scratch on his right eye, I got him that way. 

Arashi, looking rather cool and collected (not unlike how Kamui appears). It would be odd to have these characters smiling, when I think about it? Again, yellowing on these eyes but overall held up extremely well!

...And where there's Arashi, there's Sorata, right? Am I remembering correctly? Goodness I'm feeling my age. I've been meaning to reread the manga, now is as good a time as any. If you haven't noticed, the tags on these are lovely! Crimson red with Kamui looking at you. Anyhow, Sorata is no exception to holding up well, with a bit of decal yellowing.

Yuzuriha! And of course she's got her giant (wolf?) dog with her. At least she's smiling! Probably one of the more detailed plush in this set due to the animal, her hair, pleated skirt and bow. SOLD

A sign of age, the glue has definitely changed color. Hmm, seems like Kamui's only got youngsters batting for him... let's see if I can remedy that!

How about Aoki Seiichirou? With an exciting... office folder accessory? Some minor yellowing but looking good. SOLD

Lastly Subaru Sumeragi. His outfit threw me off, I remember him in completely different clothing. He probably has the most yellowed decals out of the lot, but still very much intact. SOLD

And on to Dragons of Earth, starting with Fuuma. He's looking rather austere, but a good face shape, nothing warped or sewn badly there. Some aging to the decals.

Seishirou looking pretty cool haha, and with a companion. Decals held up marvelously well. SOLD

Satsuki, a nice touch with her hands in her pockets, that may make her a bit more of an intricate plush as well. Yellowing of decals but overall great. SOLD

Lastly there is the lovely Kotori, not to be mixed in with the dragons. I am glad she is in the set!! Overall in this set I am sad there is no Nataku, Karen, or Hinoto. When I think about it, Karen might have looked silly and perhaps Hinoto would have been too complicated. SOLD

I vaguely remember some pricing for these. Kamui was around $45, Fuuma a bit less ($35-40 range?), Arashi, Sorata, and Yuzuriha around $30-45, Satsuki and Subaru around $20-25, Seiichirou around $20, Kotori around $40, and Seishirou being randomly expensive, around $65-85. For pricing reference I'm putting their sales prices below for those that want to have a pricing point for their own. Most of this set sold immediately (Kotori, Seishiro x 2, Yuzuriha, Aoki, Satsuki) on ebay, Subaru and Kamui were sold through the blog.

Edit: SUBARU $40, KOTORI $55, AOKI $45,  YUZURIHA $60, SEISHIRO $60, SEISHIRO w/o tag and bird peeling $45, Satsuki $40 SOLD, KAMUI SOLD, FUUMA SOLD. Others have been listed on ebay, I have one extra Seishiro without tag

Edit: Only Sorata and Arashi are left

Inquiries/sales contact jesssellsherstuff


  1. This is one of my favorite manga of all time and completing this set was so hard. Years had passed before I could get Sorata as the last one from a seller who just happened to have him in his collection by "accident"... also, there are some plush keychains from the same year. From those I got Fuuma, Kamui and Seishiro only :)

  2. Hmm I'm not sure I remember how I came across these in all honesty, I remember them being plushies that were around in bursts perhaps? I haven't seen them for sale in forever, but I haven't been looking either :-p I'm glad you managed to get a full set! Sounds like Sorata was kind of a Grail for you ^o^

  3. Bye any chance do you still have chobits plush chi banpresto ? I am very interested in her.

    1. Hi I'm not sure which one you are inquiring about? Please email me at, thanks!